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Christmas split?

The history of Western thought is one of movement away from religious autocracy to secular humanism.

"Humanism" is the operative nuance here. Not Pol Pot or Stalin or Idi Amin, but Henry IV and Montaigne and Voltaire . . . and William Jefferson Clinton.

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Christmas split?

Christianity is an amalgm of several pagan religions that used to squat around the Mediterreanean; early church leaders eagerly co-opted pagan holidays and festivals to reinforce their new religion.

I think we should create a new religion especially for Christian fundamentalist conservative Republicans. We should cut up monopoly money and - on an annual holiday celebrating tax cuts for the wealthy - shower each other to symbolize our hope for good fortune.

We should also celebrate the 30,000-odd deaths of senile old women put to death by Christian religious leaders as "witches," and the tens of thousands tortured, strangled, beheaded and burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

Anyone foolish enough to believe the same would not happen today if the Falwells, Robertsons and Dobsons of the world held total theocratic power can buy me a schooner at Louise's.

P.S. I basically feel sorry for Jesus, but - had I the foreknowlege and opportunity - I would've gutted Paul and left him on the road to Damascus.

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Church and state share bunk at 'Jesus Camp'

When will the trogs on the right understand that their religion is a sad, tired mythology that no rational, well-educated person would even remotely consider giving credibility - let alone loyalty - to?

The ethics of Christianity are basically adequate; however, if you're looking for ethics to guide your life, suggest you look to Confucius as both more comprehensive and realistic.

Second-rank minds and mentalities hold onto belief in supernatural religions; these people should not be accorded any more than recognition of their limitations.

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Brownback takes step toward White House bid


While Al is not St. Hillary's biggest fan, he will support her candidacy and work hard for her election - he understands that the alternatives are much worse.

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Brownback takes step toward White House bid

We may overlook the drab treacle posted by the unfortunate Pilgrim; no doubt he was ignored as a child.

I for one look forward to Sam the Dunce running for president. It would be even more wonderful if he actually won the Republican nomination, for there is no more sure-fire guarantee that St. Hillary will triumph in '08 than to have his pathetic, mediocre, born-again pandering ass as an opponent.

With respect to John McCain, let's all fervently hope that Sam the Dunce runs, and wins the Republican nomination.

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N-word carries history of hate

I'm a racist; I came to my persuasion after years of war with blacks in prison.

That being said, it would be a boon to our people if we could accept everyone as human beings. One example that resonates is the Dutch war of independence against Spain led by William of Orange. The hatred and absolute barbarity practiced by Catholics, Protestants, Calvinists, and Spaniards against each other knows few parallels in human existence; yet, after they wore themselves out in violence and hatred, they learned to live together in peace.

Slavery is the monster; only time and judicious restraint will tell if we can overcome its insidious effects.

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Iraq truth

We should perhaps consider what comes next in Iraq - and what changes mean for us in both the short and long term.

That Iraq is moving toward a tripartite division - Kurdish north, Sunni central, Shiite south, with Iran the clear winner - is becoming more obvious with every car bomb, mortar attack. What will be the role of our military in such an environment?

In the long run, we face perhaps even more daunting challenges. Our status as the planet's only superpower has been - and will continue to be - eroded. One concrete repercussion from Cheney & Co.'s failure in Iraq may mean that in the not too distant future international oil contracts will be written in some other currency - euros probably - than the dollar. Presently, all other oil-consuming nations underwrite our thirst for oil by paying their oil bills in dollars they have to earn in foreign exchange. If contracts are written in another currency - which Iran is advocating mightily - we would have to earn enough of that currency to pay our oil bills.

What this might mean is gas at $5-6.00 @ gallon, which would drive trucking costs to the stratosphere and essentially paralyze the economy, which would ripple throughout the rest of the industrialized world - something Islamic countries would perhaps rejoice in.

It takes economic wealth to support superpower status.

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U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israeli offensive

Racism? I think not.

I have a long history of posting my disdain for all the old sky-god religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism), and particularly for those who give their loyalty to these tired, pathetic excuses for god-creation myths.

If there is a god - a sublime abstraction much, much too complex for us to understand - these man-made stories are blasphemies against it.

Israel is wrong, and we pay too heavy a price to support it.

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U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israeli offensive


When you insult Durant as "anti-religous," you lose all credibility. He a great historian, perhaps the greatest, and for you to denigrate him is specious nonsense.

He discussed the Byzantine Empire at length - perhaps you should read his work on the Renaissance and the religious nuances of the Eastern and Western churches.

That they are the Chosen People of God is a central tenet of the Jewish faith; for anyone to infer differently is disingenuous. Jews think they are better than others because of their religion and religious/cultural history. It is past time we cease support for such supercilious elitists.

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U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution condemning Israeli offensive


Your understanding of history - both Western European and Mid-East - has wide, gaping holes in it. Instead of googling for your information, I suggest you read Durant, The Story of Civilization - IV, The Age of Faith, in its entirety - as I have three or four times - and focus on Chapter XXIII - The Crusades: 1095-1291.

Sometime, when you have a free moment or two, you might also consider the ramifications of the Mongol devastation on Islam at the end of the 13th century.

But let us not wander too far from our basic premise. It is past time for the United States to begin shifting our support from Israel to Palestinians. We should encourage Israelis to treat Palestinians as equals, to give them back their land and, perhaps more importantly, their water. We should encourage Israelis to emigrate to America, where they would be welcome additions to the intellectual, artistic and financial nuances of our country.

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