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Opinion: Ancestors warrant new respect

Gandalf: Do a search on Yahoo so you can learn about "flapper hats". Larn yer histery boy!

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Sound Off: Old schoolhouse by soccer fields

#6 was in operation until Wakarusa school was built around 1960. Mrs. Stanton was a longtime teacher there and then became Principle at Wakarusa. I attended Sigel (#8) first thru 8th grade. We played baseball against #6. Always got beat.

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

Of all the deer hunters in the area, the one you ask to comment on the deer disease was recently convicted of shooting a decoy deer, had this rifle taken, lost his license and fined. No wonder we have anti-hunting problems.

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Fire destroys house north of McLouth

I presume the fire wasn't caused by a propane leak. If a house is destroyed by a propane leak there isn't much of a fire, just a big "bang".

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Cowardly act

The shooter didn't have an automatic rifle, he had a semi-auto rifle. Big difference. To legally own an automatic weapon, a Federal license is reguired. Show me where a person with a licensed automatic weapon has used their weapon in a crime in the last 50 years. Don't waste your time looking------zero. If a person wants to be a nitwit, they will find a way, even if semi-auto weapons become illegal.

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DMV computer system down Friday due to computer glitch, now fixed

I renewed mine in Feb. Still haven't received my new license.

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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

Keep the "Law Dogs" out of the Post Office. I don't think there is space enough for all the baby chicks that I hear peeping in the mail room, ordered by area farmers.

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Daytripper: Back to the future: 1950s All-Electric House is totally wired

That's a fact. My parents took me with them to see the house also.It was owned by the Miller's. First house on the north side of 32 as you turn off 24/40.

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100-year-old recalls life before highways, cars

Now I know why the word "rowdy" was used. Stinky (James Jr.) and his brothers were under the close eye of Mrs. Perry. An awesome teacher. She taught grades 1 - 8 at Sigel. We need more Ruth Perry's in our school system.

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Douglas County district attorney warns about scam involving home, driveway repairs

The person you describe sounds like "Mike and Martin's asphalt paving out of Independence, MO. They paved my driveway, did an awesome job and no money up front. The contact person drives a white minivan. Top rate equipment.

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