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Chiggers: A Lawrence rite of passage

We moved into a new house earlier this month. The chiggers were so bad that our dogs were getting eaten alive. I had Turformance come and spray the yard for them and haven't had a problem since. One of the best $55 I have ever spent.

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

Not that I completely disagree with your position on this issue cait, but you seem to get a little irritated when other people give misinformation You are wrong about when a fetus starts to develop a brain. According to the Mayo clinic, it starts at about week 7. The American Pregnancy Association also puts it at about 7 weeks.


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Lawrence man charged with two counts of arson

Around that date, there were some fireworks set off at the deadend of Bob Billings at the very west edge of town. My neighbor and I saw who set them off. They sped right past our houses and to a house in our neighbor hood. My neighbor called the police. After we called them, we noticed smoke coming from the area. I went over to see if there was a fire, and sure enough there was. It was big enough that I couldn't stomp it out. There is a lot of brush in the area, and a fire can get out of hand as we saw last summer. A fire truck had to come out and the fire was put out.
If this is indeed what the incident was, maybe they are trying to send a message. Again, there was a fairly significant fire out there last year that threatened homes and Langston Hughes.

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City likely to require test to answer burial puzzle at Ninth and New Hampshire

"In the early part of '63 the Bridge joining North and South Lawrence was completed, and a Congregational Church was established. Then came the great event, Quantrill's Raid. The negroes suffered no more in proportion than the white people. Several negroes were killed, and what they had was destroyed. The whites again came to their aid, and divided what they had with them."

The above is from Lizzie Goodnights masters thesis "Negroes of Lawrence". It is actually pretty interesting. It is a little hard to read since it is hand written.

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City likely to require test to answer burial puzzle at Ninth and New Hampshire

It is actually available online through the KU Libraries website. Just search for Lizzie Goodnight. It should bring up her masters thesis titled "Negroes of Lawrence". Then you can download it, although it did take a while to download.

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Post-birth concern

From the first letter: "I will always advocate for those most helpless, especially the unborn."
What the letter writer interpreted: I will always advocate for those most helpless, but that is only the unborn.

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State seeks to control women’s health

Katara, I am not against abortion in certain instances. I don't think the vasectomy argument should be used in a debate about abortion. As you stated, vasectomies prevent pregnancies, but abortions end pregnancies. There is a stark difference there.

As for the rest of your post, bravo! It is right on.

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Tuition victims

Bozo, we saw where the home-loan lenders got us, didn't we? Do we really want to follow that model?

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Wrong cuts

David, I am curious where the numbers in your letter come from. I would like to read what you did for myself. I hope that it was some unbiased organization.

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Tuition victims

I agree whole-heartedly with you Fred. But, there is a point to consider as well. For many students, these are the frst loans they have ever taken. What kind of business gives someone with very little to no credit tens of thousands of dollars? These just aren't the typical loans such as a car loan. No business would let a kid without much income, take these kinds of loans. Why should our government?

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