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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

“The thing is, nobody wants to pay for parking,” Schumm said.
Put me the taxpayer on that "nobody" list as well. .


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Money woes: Finding funds for affordable housing in Lawrence

Bob, what a refreshing idea, which leads to a not so brilliant question: Why do the big developers, more commonly known as the "chosen few" get tax incentive -welfare- from our city, while folks needing affordable housing go without?

Another not so brilliant idea: Provide similar tax incentives for existing apartment complexes to provide affordable housing (a small percentage of units per complex)
Most people in need of affordable housing aren't asking for brand new units in the Arts District, or even robotic parking in a luxury student complex. They simply need a safe, clean, affordable place to live.

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What advice do you have for graduates?

It is important to HAVE A JOB, prior to looking for a better one. A person who earned a degree, but has no work experience is sometimes referred to as a person seeking a qualifying position....... or more commonly referred to as unemployed.

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Kansas Legislature narrowly passes unbalanced budget, ending 2016 session

Waiting until the last minute to pass a budget..... and it's not even balanced.
Don't worry Dorothy and Toto.....it was just a bad dream.

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Kansas House rejects bill to repeal income tax cuts

And the ship continues to sink.

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City Commission approves grant application for transit hub, now estimated to cost $30 million

Five story parking garage sounds like a whopper to me. Will the city be responsible for emergency services like fire and ambulance services for the parking structure? If so, maybe the city could get Mass Transit Funding for additional emergency equipment that may be needed.

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Lawrence Historic Resources board delays vote on East Ninth design, told plan is a 'slap in the face' to history

The Arts Center was involved. Does anyone know the dollar amount of that grant?

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What's one environmentally friendly thing you think everyone should do?

Don't quit brushing your teeth.... worry about the leaking toilet. Ever wonder how many gallons of water are wasted from leaking toilets every hour in this country? Just a guess on my part.... but nationwide, I suspect leaky toilets waste more water than brushing our teeth.

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Happy Earth Day, although rankings show it could be happier in Kansas; parent company of major Lawrence employer announces cutbacks

Chad, thanks for the heads up on Kmart distribution center.

Does anyone know how many Kmart distribution centers they have nationwide?

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