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Lawrence City Commission advances two requests for tax incentives

I don't think a 550 sq ft condo priced in the $90,000 range should be considered affordable housing. In addition, the developer is increasing the cost of remaining condo units by $10 per ft. to make up the difference. The only exception is his own retirement penthouse, according to Shumm. So what is reason for tax incentives??? Parking?

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Lawrence City Commission to choose between advancing or halting two requests for tax breaks

Let us get an affordable budget passed first. Nothing against either developer, but we(the city) need to get our house in order first. Just one taxpayers opinion.

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Online campaign and video urge Lawrence to again take up East Ninth Project

If we (the city) don't have the funds...... then quit beating a dead horse.

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Another brewery planned for East Lawrence; new gallery and small scale retail also proposed as part of project

Brett: I agree with you. Trettel is an honest, sincere person. He will do his best to improve the East Lawrence area without any attempt to milk the city for hand outs. .

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Tough budget decisions lie ahead, city manager warns

It's time folks......no more tax increases.

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New study shows Douglas County second least affordable in state; see which city has average mortgage payment of $217 a month

Thanks Chad. As always the information provided is very useful. Unfortunately, your info only confirms that a retired person can't afford to live here. I now pay more in taxes than my mortgage payments used to be. .

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Lawrence City Commission faced with dilemma: raise taxes or cut city staff

Markus responded: “Just so that we’re all realistic, there’s nothing magic about this.”

I agree, but I can't afford an increase in taxes. Now what? Sell my home?

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Is there anything you routinely leave Lawrence to shop for?

Real Estate that has affordable taxes.

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Auditors continue to review Oread sales tax documents; timeline for resolution uncertain

Just stop all tax incentives until the city figures out the existing problems. JUST STOP IT.
If we can't understand where we are, then how can we decide on where we are going.

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Developer for HERE Kansas again says he's days away from announcing solution for more parking

How do we wind up with this crap? Either do what you promised to do, or lose your welfare.

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