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Mediation session does not resolve city's suit against The Oread hotel; judge orders second session

Tax incentives can be a good investment for taxpayers. However, all tax incentive agreements should be tracked closely to insure our (taxpayer) dollars are invested wisely.

I commend our City Leaders for following through on this matter.

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Scaled-down East Ninth Street design scheduled to come before City Commission

I disagree that East Ninth Street is surrounded by slum houses, and trashed alleys. Most of us in East Lawrence pay our fair share of taxes, and are proud to be part of the East Lawrence neighborhood.

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Despite another string of absences, school board member says she is committed to serving

Mayor Soden is willing to listen to all folks in Lawrence, not just the chosen few big shots. I commend her for her efforts.

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Sheriff's Office: Magazines found in box that caused hourslong disruption at Douglas County Courthouse

This really saddens me. A few wacky people get pleasure from this type of thing...... why?

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City of Lawrence seeks public input for study to improve parking in the downtown area

NO special tax district in East Lawrence for parking. This will be more than an issue.
We simply can't afford more taxes in East Lawrence.
I understand that a BID District hasn't even been proposed yet. The Key word is YET.

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Pair of multimillion dollar affordable housing projects proposed for Warehouse Arts District; see architectural renderings for area

The buildings look good to me. I just hope he has enough parking. We certainly don't need another HERE parking disaster.

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City leaders seek to define core services as part of strategic plan

David Holroyd says "Mayor Soden, get a new hair DO and sit up straight. Surely in the Uber you don't lean back or do you?" "Mr. Amyx, quit talking about poor people and affordable housing. I am quite certain that you espoused that as far back as 1991."

What does a hair do and posture have to do with leadership and representing the community? Did you read the article concerning our new Mayor? She is very conscious of her appearance, and is attempting to spend more time listening and learning, without having to worry about her hair-do, make up, or posture. What's important to me is that she listen to the community, and represent our interests.

Amyx has served , and spent countless hours doing the best he could to represent Lawrence citizens. I think he has done a great job.

By the way I am a retired person who drove for a public transportation company in Lawrence.... and some people think I have a bad hair cut.

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Lawrence 2017 budget proposal calls for 'mental health squad' focusing on early intervention

This should be a priority in Lawrence. Thanks, Markus and city leaders.

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Lawrence City Commission advances two requests for tax incentives

I don't think a 550 sq ft condo priced in the $90,000 range should be considered affordable housing. In addition, the developer is increasing the cost of remaining condo units by $10 per ft. to make up the difference. The only exception is his own retirement penthouse, according to Shumm. So what is reason for tax incentives??? Parking?

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