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Empty storefronts become a bit more prominent in Lawrence, new report shows; vacancy rate hits recent high

I don't understand how a vacant building benefits the owner. It may be a tax loss, but I think a business owner would benefit by making a profit and pay taxes. Maybe I just don't get it.

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2018 Women's March looks to bring resistance to downtown Lawrence sidewalks

All of us here in the USA, have the freedom to voice our opinions, and to peacefully demonstrate our beliefs. This is one of the many reasons I choose to live here in the United States.

By the way, hope this isn't a women's only gig. "2018 Women’s March" sounds too gender specific to me. Men should not be discriminated against just because they are male..... Just my opinion.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider options for nearly $700,000 in recouped payments

"Pay for the audit: The city ordered the $49,000 audit last year after owners of the Riverfront Plaza asked for an account summary, and it was found land lease payments of about $250,000 had been neither billed or paid for several years......"

Our city government had to pay $49,000 to learn what is going on?.

Wow, no wonder taxpayers have "perceived" trust issues.

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Safely navigate the dangers of winter

Thanks for your advice. All of us (who read the article) will benefit from your suggestions.
Consider risks and travel safely, but don't be a prisoner of the weather. .

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Lawrence City Commission to consider alternatives to traditional bidding process

It seems to me the city has some "trust issues" with Lawrence taxpayers. Don't change the sealed bid process , enforce compliance from the contractor who is doing the work as specified in the sealed bid process.
If we (City) can't enforce the specs, then fix the enforcement issue.... not the bidding process.

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Plans filed for student apartment complex with more than 700 bedrooms near south Iowa Street

I didn't read anything about city handouts. To me, that is very refreshing.
If they want to invest/gamble with private funds, and meet city compliance standards..... then more power to them. Who knows, it may create taxable income for the city.
Am I missing something?

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State insists KPERS pension fund still in solid shape, despite unfunded liabilities growing to more than $9 billion

Leave it to Kansas. Keep us in the dark and feed us BS.

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Sales tax and density fees to be discussed as new funding sources for affordable housing

The cost of home ownership in Lawrence is simply not affordable to a middle income person in Lawrence, let alone low income folks. When will it stop????

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8 months after conviction, former Lawrence mayor has yet to be sentenced for stealing from food bank

Thanks for the update. However, in the end he will pay for his greed. That's good enough for me.

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