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Women's wear 'distracts' state lawmakers

Mitch Holmes,
Please train yourself to look up at the eyes, not other parts of the body.
Better yet, attempt to listen to the speaker, not look at them.
If you can't handle that,, then quit blaming others for your problem and look for another job. .

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Healthy cafe near Kansas River levee 'a dream' for returning Lawrence chef

Congrats to the Holts for having the courage to even attempt to operate a small business in Lawrence. I like that idea. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to give small businesses a break like the "important" guys get....time after time.

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Lawrence looks to increase spending on vehicles by more than $1 million in 2016

I have maintained a few vehicles in my day, and the single most expensive line item - per mile- is collision repair.

Is the City self insured for collision, or is collision damage outsourced to a retail repair shop?

Does the age, or mileage impact the cost of collision damage? Not much, in my opinion.

Maybe, our elected folks could ask a few questions regarding this matter...... But don't count on it.
Rock Chalk.

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Lawrence looks to increase spending on vehicles by more than $1 million in 2016

"The city spent $1.9 million in 2013 to repair equipment. That’s up from $1.2 million in 2003 and $1.7 million in 2008."

That's about same percentage increase as my property tax, sales tax, and water bill. Maybe.....just maybe, I could get a tax rebate to replace my vehicle? Oh, that's right. I just PAY taxes.

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KU Class of 2015: Debater learned to trust her voice, will graduate with triple major

"Trust your voice. Trust that you have something importantt add to the conversation, and it’s OK that people won’t always agree with you.”

Congrats.....Chris Ogle

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Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor's race

We (the little guys) are the majority, and the majority vote is what elects our leaders. Why do special interest groups control our government? Because we ( the the little guys) allow it by not voting!!

If you like what Brownback has done, then vote for him. If not, vote for new leadership. But at least go out and vote. I am convinced that if 80% of us voted, the results would be quite different. At the very least, our elected officials would be aware of who they represent.

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News of changes for Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings; Kansas Half Marathon wants to return to downtown

"The fire department is estimating it will spend about $2,200 staffing the event. The police department estimates it will spend about $6,000 staffing the event."..... (according to city estimates)

The 5K marathon is a major fund raiser for Health Care Access, a non profit that assists those in need of health services in our city.

We taxpayers invest millions on tax rebates, and community facilities that may (or may not) promote healthy lifestyles, and our city leaders question a fund raiser for Health Care Access? Wow!

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Living arrangements of accused murderer's son called into question

I guess I don't get it. Maybe we should think about the kid !!!!

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Lawrence woman pleads guilty to embezzlement

No one is going to watch your money as well as you do.

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Zenger: Program had lost support at all levels

What a waste of money......

Maybe Zinger and Weis will meet again at the poor house after they both blow by KU with millions.

Who are the real losers here???

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