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Forbes magazine says Lawrence is one of the best places in the nation to retire; other surprising data about the city and its retirees

Wow..... As a middle class retired person that was born and raised here, and made a decent living in Lawrence, I can't live here on my fixed retirement income. I am simply priced out of the market in Lawrence..... Sad but true

Lawrence is a good city, and I wish the best to those who can afford to retire here.


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New report likely to give clues about size of possible state tax increase

The vast majority of Kansas taxpayers know why our State is going broke.......BROWNBACK POLICY.

In February, both chambers passed a tax bill that would have raised about $1 billion over the next two years by reversing some of the signature income tax cuts that Gov. Sam Brownback championed in 2012....Brownback, however, vetoed that bill.

Why do we (the majority) allow this to continue???

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City leaders want clearer picture regarding future of Lawrence transit

Lawrence voters chose to fund general Public Transportation, and I agree with the decision. However, the general public (not KU students) don't really need, or expected the City to provide 45 passenger buses. My guess..... KU student ridership accounts for at least 85% of passengers per bus hour.

In my opinion, if we are going to pay consulting fees, then pay for an independent study on actual KU student ridership versus the general Lawrence population... KU/City funding may be balanced by ridership usage, but we (the City) should know the facts before making further financial commitments.

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Editorial: Oread case an opportunity

Most importantly, the settlement agreement makes a strong statement to other developers.... The City is paying attention, and will hold you accountable.

Time to approve the settlement and move on.

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Lawrence City Commission to review new amenities and partnership intended to make golf course profitable

I don't golf, so I may be biased. . My thought....If Eagle Bend has potential to be profitable, then a private for profit should own it, not the City.

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Kansas Senate committee advances plan for 'flat' income tax

What are the existing AGI tax rates in Kansas?? I thought the max was 4.6. If my assumption is correct, then the middle income folks will get the shaft.
In my opinion, taxpayers who have AGI over 100K should pay more than the middle class, not less.

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New school funding bill would add $76 million in state aid, raise local property taxes

All of us pay too much in property taxes. That said, educational funding is extremely important. . . We should support our future leaders in every way possible, including tax increases to educate them. .

I say stop the tax incentives, and fund education.

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Mediation session does not resolve city's suit against The Oread hotel; judge orders second session

Tax incentives can be a good investment for taxpayers. However, all tax incentive agreements should be tracked closely to insure our (taxpayer) dollars are invested wisely.

I commend our City Leaders for following through on this matter.

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Scaled-down East Ninth Street design scheduled to come before City Commission

I disagree that East Ninth Street is surrounded by slum houses, and trashed alleys. Most of us in East Lawrence pay our fair share of taxes, and are proud to be part of the East Lawrence neighborhood.

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