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": unlike today, when people wear out their upper lips sneering at those who disagree with them, the 1960s grown-ups of my memory, whoever they voted for, continued to respect one another and remain good friends."Was that before or after they spit on the soldiers returning from Vietnam?

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Jake Deckert enters guilty pleas in fatal hit-and-run on West Sixth Street; 14 days in jail recommended

Suspended license means one more rider on the T. Blame Grassroots Action for the light sentence...they are doing everything they can to give the perception of an increase in ridership.

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Bill a threat to civil liberties

Just curious....before ANY of you began commenting and blessing us all with your vast knowledge and proselytizing, did you look up the bill for yourself or just take the word of a Law Professor who, I'm sure has NO AGENDA OF HIS OWN, in a letter to the editor of A-Dolph's publication?
That's what I thought. What happened to "Question Everything?" Wouldn't everything include the source?

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Authorities file new charges in Yellow House investigation

Yellowhouse is the crown jewel of illegitimate businesses. They love to use the model of "Do what you want and blame "The Man" when you get caught." Have you ever noticed that every time there is a Yellowhouse story, these criminals come forward to express the oppression they are living under? It's a very aggressive attitude and one that attempts to shift the scrutiny to those trying to clean up the dregs in our society. They play off the stolen goods issue as "Everybody does it" and claim the neighborhood is being harassed nonstop by the police.

""It's a bunch of crap," Neighbors said of the latest charges. "I'll be interested to see what evidence they have."" ----isn't that the standard guilty reply: "You'll never catch me copper...you got nothin' on me!!!!" Funny, if I'm accused of illegal behavior I either own up to my actions, or I go through the proper steps to have myself exonerated. The last thing I would do is blog on stupid local websites. Who has time for that if they have been falsely accused?

Race? Of all the minorities in Lawrence, the police just HAPPENED to target yellowhouse? Funny, they don't seem to target minorities who don't have illegal drugs and firearms in their residence. They also forget to target minorities who aren't running a fencing operation. The race card is a desperate attempt once again to shift the attention away from themselves and make the police out to be monsters. The sad thing is that all the Latte Liberal Lawrons buy into that crap because they are looking for a reason to hate the man and support the criminal. You make me sick.

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T hours likely to be cut

Log....You are a tool. Running a 40 passenger bus at 3 miles per gallon for 14 hours a day with 1 RIDER EVERY 6 MINUTES does NOT reduce carbon emissions or slow global warming...IT MAKES IT WORSE. When was the last time you rode the bus? Or do you support the bus so you can feel better about yourself for "helping the poor people" and "saving the environment"?

Let's look at more of your stupid points:

1) Selling off downtown parking spaces
No spaces have been sold. Fritzel wants to re-arrange them to make space for more businesses that create taxes to alleviate the burden from the residents.

2) Raising swimming fees for kids
Nobody is stealing money from the kids' piggy banks. Raising the fee from 1985 levels to $4 per person will still leave Lawrence as the most affordable place to swim in North East Kansas. But I suppose you would rather jack the property taxes higher for property owners because you believe that won't affect your rent.

3) Sales tax on everything, including medicine and food (highest sales tax in the state)
There has been no sales tax hike. Commissioners have been looking into ways to support your ridiculous and unnecessary costs (low cost swimming, worthless mass transit) and sales tax is an option. Of course, again, you believe that unfairly targets the poor. Who do you suppose spends more money...people with more money, or people with less money? Why again is this unfair? Sounds more fair to me than laying out a property tax that causes their rent to go up to a level that, not only compensates for the tax increase but also puts a little more in the pocket of the landlord. Now THAT seems less "fair" to me.

4) Reducing budget of health clinic (who needs medical care?)
Why is it the government's job to provide the public with health care? When do we start taking responsibility for our own successes and failures? If I need health care for me and my family, priority #1 becomes finding employment that provides me with it.

5) Approval of Wal-Mart (increased taxes for infrastructure, traffic congestion, diminished quality of life, subsidy to developturd)
I can write a nice long diatribe arguing each of the Wal-mart points, but I believe that has been over played on the board, and you still don't want to face realities. If you were into realities, you would look at the numbers behind the budget, taxes, the T, and the incredible amount of sales tax dollars generated by "evil" box stores and the "developturds".

6) Increased use of corporate handouts to generate a bioscience capability (think germ warfare or biological weapons)
I could think germ warfare, or I could think medical advancements like stem cell research, cures for cancer, and regeneration of deteriorating organs. But, unlike you far leftists, I'm an optimist and realist. I guess we are just on different pages.

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Use of city buses down

imastinker (Anonymous) says:

1.4 million budget, 207000 rides last year. That comes to over $7 per ride, assuming all riders payed .50 to ride. I can drive my car cheaper.

Stinker---while I agree with you sentiment, we have to make sure we use the right numbers or Merrill will jump all over you, call you a liar, and interject his own fictional numbers.

207,003 is representative of the rides through June of this year. The budget is actually 1.7 million for the year. Rides still cost more than $4 per. Less the cost of the ridership ($.75 and later $1) and the cost is STILL more than $3 PER RIDER TO THE TAXPAYERS. Keep in mind, this is while we are still only paying $1.60 for gas. What happens when that jumps up to a more reasonable $3+ per gallon?

1.28% of the city budget (our tax dollars) is being used to appease .8% of the community who can't get a ride.

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Use of city buses down

bluerose wrote:
"our car is near death and it is going to probably take all of saturday to get to the Farmer's Market and the Merc:oh yipes. will the T *run* on saturday????"

Um.....Bluerose, Merrill and all you other pro-bussers...why should 99.2% of the population that DOESN'T use the T on a regular basis (Regular riders/Population) worry about paying for YOU to get to the Farmer's market (now up to 4 days a week) or the Merc (open 7 days a week) on Saturday?
I can't believe how self-centered you uber liberal, social welfare, tax, tax, tax, and build a wall communists are. Astonishing.
I guess perspective is everything. I'm all for taking care of myself and you are all for others taking care of you.

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Marketing group may lose funding

"There is too much history in that area to let it go by the wayside."

--That would be your example of the afore mentioned entitlement and protectionism.

July 19, 2007 at 10:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Wal-Mart meeting draws smiley faces

If you opposed Wal-Mart and got an invitation to gather as much information to support your case as possible, would YOU pass it up? Sorry, nay-sayers, you aren't going to be able to spin the turnout numbers in your favor. 30 people represent only 6% of the residents in that area...which, in the world of advertising, would be an OUTSTANDING return. Does that mean 94% oppose it? Of course not. It means the other 94% are also either in favor and like the way things are going, or they are just plain appathetic.

July 11, 2007 at 6:52 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Is the city ban on fireworks being obeyed in your neighborhood?

Whaaaaaaaaaahhh.........It's the 4th people. Get over it.

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