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Twitter helping Iranians get around election censorship

More dead.

Many of the twitter accounts in Iran are not actually Iranian, to spread disinformation. There's disinformation coming from Ahmadinejad supporters and disinformation from random people on the internet, either because they find it amusing or to add static to make it harder for the government to find and silence these people.

If you're curious about what's going on:

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Libraries are limited, obsolete

"Great article! It seems like the library is only being used by the homeless and those who don't know how to use a computer."

You know, I just think it's terrible that people who are suffering from homelessness should have the privilege of being able to access information and services that those of us with homes take for granted. In fact, we should just make homelessness illegal, and send them all to prison.

Also, they should remove the LPL's rights to my swimming pool's parking lot. I don't want to swim, just pee, but dammit, I WANNA PARK!

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