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Lawrence recognizes the glory of service, the sacrifice of veterans

Thanks to all the Veterans, and those who have given the ulimate sacrifice for me. For these individuals words cannot say enough, I give each of you a Heartfelt THANKS!

Thanks for protecting the ungrateful morons protesting downtown.....Its too bad we can't load them up and place them next to a soldier in combat and watch the Sh** roll down their legs.

Ooorah this morons!

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Occupy Lawrence told to leave

They look like a bunch of dirty little feet gnomes this city inherits and feeds. Put these gnomes in a cage in the park and put them on display. Place a sign just off the sidewalk, Please Don't feed the Park Urchins; Just Poke them if you feel up to it..........

I believe the gnomes feeding in the park are brainless social misfits with no direction in life that are Lawrence's Blood Sucking MOOCHERS.....

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The Wildcat: Call it what you want

We will show you "THE WILDCAT," "WILDCAT SCHNEIDER and the bird eating POWERCATS when KSU opens that can of WHOOP A@@.............

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During Tuesday night Lawrence City Commission budget talks, Bob Schumm to propose funding fewer new police officers

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Bank starts foreclosure proceedings against Douglas County Sheriff Ken McGovern's home

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Douglas County fugitive taken into custody in Nebraska after low-speed chase

The citizens of Lawrence believe Candace is just misunderstood.....Exonerate her....She is a terriific human being behind the Jekyll and Hyde mask......

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Four teenagers arrested in connection with overnight crime spree across Lawrence

Dirtman, what are you smokin, what policy! I have never heard of a don't chase policy in this city.....They chase all the time and apparently they are good at it. LPD always gets their chasee after its all over with....

Go back to bed, 80 miles per hour through a parking lot can't be done. Try sniffing some glue or metallic paint next time......jeeez

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Lehigh not backing down

Let's Go Lehigh, I like your attitudes.........It's just a matter of time now before KU goes bye bye.....

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Suspect arrested in slayings of wife, daughters

It sounds like the suspect's mother needed to eat him just after giving birth to the sorry piece of sh** like they do in the animal world.

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Not-so-gentle reign

You can see who wears the pants, I mean large pants in that family and it is not him. So he has to be the man at something during the day. So fooooball is berry berry gud to me,I thought I knew how to coach and that is to throw tantrums on and off the field like I do at home......The wife and players just don't understand me........

Send the bum packing, if you don't, it only goes to show you that even little Lew has to leave his man-gina at home.....

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