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Town Talk: Soup and sandwich shop opens near Clinton Parkway Hy-Vee; Meritrust Credit Union signs deal for new eastern Lawrence branch; city to host trash can recycling event Friday

We just went to Soup Bowl the other day- it's REALLY good. I had a Betta Burger... it's not like a 'sloppy joe' at *all*. Nor is it like Runza (Nasty!!!) The Betta Burger is more equivilant to a Philly. But with hamburger meat and toppings.
And their actual philly (which my husb. had) is way better than PepperJax. It's solid all around, from the food to the staff. Unique. Great experience. Something there anyone would like.

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Hallmark to close Topeka plant; work expected to move to Lawrence facility

That and younger generations tend to send a 'happy birthday' or 'thinking of you' or 'condolences' or 'congrats' via text or facebook. If I get 'real' mail, it's usually from someone over 70.
I saw a cartoon not too long ago that showed someone sitting at their computer in the 90s excited that their computer popped up "You've got Mail!"... The next frame was someone today, at their mailbox super excited to get real mail.

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Town Talk: Plans filed for $5M apartment complex near Sixth and Wakarusa Wal-Mart; Dillons on Mass. seeks to park cars on grassy lot for another two weeks; The Merc buys its building at 9th and Iowa

Hey guys, you know what we need??? --More-- apartment complexes!!! Let's advertise them ALL to students, too! Jesus....

I just moved away from that nook of town. When my family and I first moved to that general area, it was quiet and well managed. By the time we moved, we may as well have been living at The Reserve... A lot of people move out that way to get away from the concentrated population of idiots. And they pay a hefty price every month to do so. In the past year, especially, it took a turn for the worse.

I know there are multiple companies managing properties in that part of town.. But if they're, collectively, having trouble managing what's already there, how the h*ll are they going to manage ~1000 more units?
I feel bad for the people who've actually bought their homes on Eisenhower Dr.

At least the construction for the one at 6th and Stoneridge looks pretty solid. As in, it's not one of the many complexes in town that were "built in a day". So I guess that's a plus?

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What store, if any, is downtown lacking?

Penny Annie's :(

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KU meteorology students crazy about the chase

#1. MOST of the 'amateurs' don't even think they're amateurs. They feel as if they're on level playing ground as everyone else. THAT is the single most dangerous factor.

#2. As stated, many [amateurs and a handful of well-seasoned folks] have some bizarre sense of entitlement that makes them feel as if getting to the next cell comes above driving wisely. Maybe it's adrenaline that kicks in and shuts the rest of the brain off? idk.

#3. If you're going to be out chasing, have SOME sort of emergency response training and a first aid kit!!! [and know your legal limitations of what you can do and not do with your level of training]. At the Very least, learn about the Incident Command System. That way, if you are on a devastating cell, you know what to do or not do. Many 'well doers' can cause big problems for Emergency Response crews.

These folks at KU know their stuff. And many others do through other venues of education.. not all of them in a collegiate setting. But if you're excited about the weather, have seen a few episodes of Storm Chasers, have 'lived in Kansas forever'...and maybe set through a NWS presentation or TV station presentation, GET ADDITIONAL TRAINING.. for your sake and that of others.

It's GREAT people are enthusiastic about weather. I can't tell you how thrilled I am there is such a great interest in it. Just, learn all you can. (There are a lot of resources. And a lot of seasoned chasers are happy to educate. PM me and I'd be happy to share options!).
And -don't- go by yourself.

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More than two hundred law enforcement personnel ate dinner at the community center before going to t

If we wind up having a parade for the basketball team, these guys should be honored somehow!

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Town Talk: Downtown bar inches closer to rooftop seating; CVB reports Lawrence visitor spending up in 2011; half-marathon seeks full closure of downtown block

Great list! It's missing one very d*mning staircase, though- Jazzhaus! If you can master that one while blitzed, you're golden.

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National Weather Service reviews decisions on tornado warnings

And you're right, electricity does go out which impacts the reach of tv broadcast. Hopefully if it's that bad out, you know that you should probably be inside and be taking some sort of precaution, maybe have a backup method of warning such as text alerts (which can be obtained through various services for no additional cost if you have a text plan). Pretty much every warning system has a flaw of some sort. We have much better warning systems in place now than even 10 years ago, though.

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