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City researching idea of hanging placards in all 18,000 of Lawrence's rental units

Maybe the website could even be used to file complaints.

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City researching idea of hanging placards in all 18,000 of Lawrence's rental units

This is an excellent direction. But, instead of placards, perhaps a compromise that would satisfy all parties:
As part of licensing requirements, all landlords must include information on where to file a complaint in the lease. The language in the complaint section must be uniform (all landlords use the same language as provided by the commission).
As for tenants already living in units- why not do what every landlord in town does and tie a note on each door handle or slip it in the front door? Or send a postcard.
No "institutional feel", keeps cost down (or probably the same with postcards), but provides tenants with necessary information that would help protect them.

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Bicyclist killed in accident on South Lawrence Trafficway identified as 29-year-old Lawrence woman

A pedestrian walkway/overpass is desparately needed there. Especially with SLT development forthcoming. And rumble strips/greater alert of the stop light. The increase in traffic, especially from out of Lawrence who are less familiar with the intersection, plus bikers/joggers/youth athletes just don't mix.
Prayers to her friends and family.

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Letter: Fireworks menace

Two Years ago, we had "neighbors" in a nearby large apartment complex on the NW side of town, in an otherwise quiet neighborhood, shoot fireworks off until mid August. Oh, and their mortars tipped and hit homes very close by. Not to mention the drought conditions..... It left burn marks on our windows, but fortunately that was all. Called LPD at that point...bc it'd gone from a major annoyance (many of us had jobs, kids, pets...and some also dealt with anxiety or ptsd.. one of which was a veteran) to a fire hazard. LPD responded, but the twits ran back in their apartment...the officer said he could see the idiot standing by the glass door, laughing his butt off, refusing to answer his door. Despite calls from many neighbors, contact from LPD (who had physical proof), the management company (which owned the apartments and townhouses in reference) essentially gave them a slap on the wrist (a note on their door basically saying "that's bad, mmmmkay?"). You'd think maybe they'd care that they had tenants that pose a liability risk to them and their property..........buuuuut that was par for the course with that company. Great thing is, they're one of the companies building a new megaplex! They can't handle the tenants they have now, so how are they going to handle a few hundred more?? Yeah, we got the he..ll..out of there.

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I really appreciate the service and business ethics here. We've gone here for a couple years now for oil and tires and even referred others. They really go above and beyond to take care of customers. Prices are reasonable and no one I know has ever been pressured into buying expensive, bogus, extra repairs like some other companies do.

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Professor killed in Oklahoma was former KU doctoral student

hedshrinker- From my understanding, KU and NSU both are setting up scholarship funds in her name. I'm not certain where NSU is in their process of setting up a fund, but was informed that, for the moment, you can make a donation through KU Endowment to the Chemistry Department at KU and make a note of "In memoriam of Tiffany Maher". A formal fund is in process of being set up. If anyone else can provide additional insight, please add to this.

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Roads around Lawrence grow slick as snow, freezing drizzle, fall Monday night

There is too much moisture associated with this system to get 'squat'.

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Town Talk: Soup and sandwich shop opens near Clinton Parkway Hy-Vee; Meritrust Credit Union signs deal for new eastern Lawrence branch; city to host trash can recycling event Friday

We just went to Soup Bowl the other day- it's REALLY good. I had a Betta Burger... it's not like a 'sloppy joe' at *all*. Nor is it like Runza (Nasty!!!) The Betta Burger is more equivilant to a Philly. But with hamburger meat and toppings.
And their actual philly (which my husb. had) is way better than PepperJax. It's solid all around, from the food to the staff. Unique. Great experience. Something there anyone would like.

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Hallmark to close Topeka plant; work expected to move to Lawrence facility

That and younger generations tend to send a 'happy birthday' or 'thinking of you' or 'condolences' or 'congrats' via text or facebook. If I get 'real' mail, it's usually from someone over 70.
I saw a cartoon not too long ago that showed someone sitting at their computer in the 90s excited that their computer popped up "You've got Mail!"... The next frame was someone today, at their mailbox super excited to get real mail.

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