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Lawrence family who lost loved one to flu advocates for vaccination

Keep advocating!!! My 3 year old tested positive for Influenza A during that same spurt of influenza. Likely H1N1, as 90-some-odd percent of Influenza A cases were H1N1 in the state at the time. He was so, so sick.
But, he'd been vaccinated (LAIV) in the fall. I have *no* doubt that helped prevent the severity from being far worse. And, I have no doubt that the fact that I was vaccinated helped prevent me from having it. Respiratory illnesses can be pretty spooky- having one, or witnessing someone who has one that is struggling to breathe. But this is one set of respiratory illnesses that you can be proactive about.

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Lawrence family who lost loved one to flu advocates for vaccination

Curious- Is the disease you're referring to as the "flu" from high school something that made you throw up a lot, or was it a respiratory virus?
Punchline... the vaccine is for influenza... what can be a severe respiratory virus. Oftentimes it's confused with the stomach virus people incorrectly reference as "the flu".... (usually something like norovirus).
And yes, there is a possibility you could still catch influenza after being vaccinated, but if you are one of the 'lucky' ones that does, the duration and severity are typically much less than if you had not been vaccinated.
Skeptical? Check CDC, KDHE, LDCHD, Mayo Clinic... etc...etc...

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Kansas Supreme Court weighing Taylor's ballot withdrawal

If Taylor remains on the ballot, there is an increased chance of splitting the anti-Roberts vote, potentially allowing Roberts to win. There is your motive.

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Topeka council to consider nudity ban

Oh no! The nudists will take to the streets to protest! HIDE YOUR EYES hahaha

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Would you sign up and pay for a Google Fiber-type service in Lawrence?

Google Fiber "type"? Or the real deal? I'll stick to my sluggish, but reliable ATT service until the real Google Fiber comes to town.

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Free State student to spend spring break in Antarctica

That is too cool!
Pun definitely intended :)

Best to you and your team!!

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Lawrence physician starts salsa company; update on future traffic changes at Sixth and SLT

Is David Lawhorn any relation to the one and only Chad Lawhorn? :)
Eager to try the salsa- GOOD salsa is hard to find!

-edit- clearly I skimmed the article too fast.

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City may leave downtown Christmas lights up until Valentine's Day; update on Rock Chalk Park construction

Yay!! Love, love, love the lights- with cold temps and short days, they cut through the darkness and bring a bit of cheer :-). Great to hear they won't be leaving us with 2/3 of winter left!

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City researching idea of hanging placards in all 18,000 of Lawrence's rental units

Maybe the website could even be used to file complaints.

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City researching idea of hanging placards in all 18,000 of Lawrence's rental units

This is an excellent direction. But, instead of placards, perhaps a compromise that would satisfy all parties:
As part of licensing requirements, all landlords must include information on where to file a complaint in the lease. The language in the complaint section must be uniform (all landlords use the same language as provided by the commission).
As for tenants already living in units- why not do what every landlord in town does and tie a note on each door handle or slip it in the front door? Or send a postcard.
No "institutional feel", keeps cost down (or probably the same with postcards), but provides tenants with necessary information that would help protect them.

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