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Former Kansas prosecutor claims no memory of Scout abuse case I suppose, as a prosecutor, he would dismiss charges when an accused said, "you know...I really don't remember killing that guy." Somehow I don't believe that.

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Weis masters motivational art of 'button-pushing'

None of that matters if you don't win...early and often.

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Lawrence man sues Kansas highway patrolman over Tasing incident

She wasn't always a loser but she had become one.

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Though KU football future uncertain, players deserve support in finale

Good idea. I'll spend money on gas, tickets and parking so I can watch a poorly coached team get hammered. Probably not.

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River City Jules: Tigers turn tail on rivalry meant short sightedness....

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Kansas loses bowl carrot

"Saturday’s 13-10 loss to Iowa State made it impossible for the Kansas University football team to become bowl-eligible this season by earning at least six victories." Actually, hiring Turner Gill did that.

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Work in progress

"The Jayhawks stopping the Mighty Sooners seven straight..." That's funny...the Jayhawks gave up 47 points. They didn't stop anybody.

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Local support


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Screening needed

Better yet, how about no solicitors outside the stores. That's not why I went to the store.

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When, if ever, will the KU football players get their names on the back of their jerseys?

Don't worry...Turner Gill won't be around long.

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