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Downtown shop of 30 years changes name, look; campaign contributors to police vote likely won't be known before election

"The city will spend about $71,500 a year for the vehicle leases. Over the course of the three-year period, the city will spend about $215,000 for the vehicles, which is about $10,500 more than the city would have spent if it bought the vehicles at their $29,075 purchase price. "
"Staff members are recommending approval of the lease agreement as part of the city’s efforts to study whether leasing versus buying makes more sense for the city’s vehicle fleet."

I'm no mathematician but, yeah, that sounds like a good deal??? What am I missing?

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Former Kansas prosecutor claims no memory of Scout abuse case

Wow...so I suppose, as a prosecutor, he would dismiss charges when an accused said, "you know...I really don't remember killing that guy." Somehow I don't believe that.

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Weis masters motivational art of 'button-pushing'

None of that matters if you don't win...early and often.

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Lawrence man sues Kansas highway patrolman over Tasing incident

She wasn't always a loser but she had become one.

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Though KU football future uncertain, players deserve support in finale

Good idea. I'll spend money on gas, tickets and parking so I can watch a poorly coached team get hammered. Probably not.

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River City Jules: Tigers turn tail on rivalry

Oh...you meant short sightedness....

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Kansas loses bowl carrot

"Saturday’s 13-10 loss to Iowa State made it impossible for the Kansas University football team to become bowl-eligible this season by earning at least six victories." Actually, hiring Turner Gill did that.

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Work in progress

"The Jayhawks stopping the Mighty Sooners seven straight..." That's funny...the Jayhawks gave up 47 points. They didn't stop anybody.

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Local support


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Screening needed

Better yet, how about no solicitors outside the stores. That's not why I went to the store.

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