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No security changes at Lawrence theater after Colorado massacre

They definitely had an armed mil-spec security guy posted when I saw the afternoon showing of the Dark Knight

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What store, if any, is downtown lacking?


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Heard on the Hill: Homecoming committee unveils new logo; attorney hired to new KU post; I want your records requests

Probably the most interesting stuff you could get from FOIA is KU athletics communications with other conferences during the past two years of realignment along with any communications the Chancellor had with other Presidents and Commissioners.

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Courtroom full of police and detectives sees 21-year-old man sentenced for injuring Lawrence officer

Cops are good, and cops are bad. It's because they are imperfect people. However, being a cop puts a overwhelming amount of power into one's hands. That is why we need to hold cops to the HIGHEST standards of law, and currently the exact opposite is true. The Blue Code exists and it is wrong, it is not what our nation is about.

but in this case everything seems to go as it should. Maybe think about the boy's point that a prison is no place to rehabilitate someone to be fit for society, I'd vote for giving this kid specialized community service, like 1000 hours helping guide the blind.

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GOP still seeking strong candidate

You know, free markets do exceptionally well when the Federal Reserve isn't picking the winners and losers. The problem lies with the fact that the Fed is allowed to print money out of nowhere and give it to banks and the massive corporations they own that then are allowed to buy up the competition and ruin it.

When you say that Paul has no chance of getting elected, you are buying into the crap that Fox News likes to feed to naive people. Plus, this republican field is so silly and completely fragmented, Paul is going to have an easy time if pull 30% of the vote in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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GOP still seeking strong candidate

ummm, im pretty sure neither of those two are running. nor do i believe even if they were elected that they would have a full first term before quitting.

although i do share that same worry about Romney. He looks very positioned to buy the republican nomination.

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GOP still seeking strong candidate

You are extremely naive if you think he will be able to 100% eliminate those entities. Public education isn't going to disappear simply because Ron Paul wants to eliminate it, kinda like how Obama wasn't able to create single-payer healthcare.

if anything, Paul wants to see that the proper level of government handles these regulations, that is the state governments. He has also proposed COMPROMISE!? on issues like social security, he does see the need for the government to keep it's promise to retirees, but he does not want to force young people to pay into a system that they will never get a damn dime out of in the future.

Do you even know what the Dept. of Energy was created for? It was suppose to reduce the US dependence on foreign oil. LOL WTF WHOOPS.

Ron Paul really transcends the left vs right divide in our nation's politics, and it is stunning that the republican party refuses to acknowledge how powerful Ron Paul would be in a General Election. In the eyes of anyone rational, Ron Paul makes Obama look like George Bush 2.0

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GOP still seeking strong candidate

Ron Paul is the best candidate for America right now. We are fighting a racist drug war that literally fills our prisons and jails with non violent offenders. We are spending trillions overseas with foreign aid and pointless invasions of countries like Libya. There is no respect of private property, and we are subjected routinely to unconstitutional searches and gropings. Lastly our current generation of retirees is focused on destroying the futures and freedoms of our youth that do not need central planning to live their lives.

Look, if Ron Paul becomes President our country is not going to get rid of all social programs and business regulations. Congress will always prevent that, but we will make a major step towards common sense governance.

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Police write 18 citations in patrol for underage drinking in Lawrence

oh yea, lets punish second class adults for committing victimless crimes.

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Brownback wants KDOT to reopen study of installing cable barriers along K-10 from Lawrence to I-435

SOUND LOGIC AND REASON IN KANSAS?! THAT"S UNHEARD OF!!! but credit is due where it is deserved. Good decision Gov. Brownback.

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