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Songs With the Name of An Animal, Reptile, or Bird in The Title or Lyric

I know the singer well. Her songs are being played in 34 countries, almost daily in New Zealand. This song, about the radiant redbird has gone around the world having been requested by DJ's in Japan, Germany, Africa, and many more. So, our lovely redbird story is blessing many. When you listen to this bird singing, you can almost hear, "Cheer, cheer, cheer...cheerup" Smiles...

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Emergency crews work to rescue a trapped individual from the Kansas River Friday at the Bowersock Da

Absolutely amazing rescue by the police and fire department. Sure do appreciate them and can't thank them enough!!!

We are friends of the victim and went to see him at the hospital yesterday. He had just woke up - late afternoon - as we arrived! What a jubilant family thanking God, the rescue crews, and everyone who prayed. A miracle happened for this young boy.

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Mold can pose health hazards, remains unregulated

Moving out would seem logical. However, I know a family who experienced mold from sewage flooding that came from the outdoor sewage system backing up into the home. It was in a townhome and occurred twice in a six month period flooding the downstairs including kitchen. After several days (the 2nd time), the carpet was taken outside, dried and reinstalled - not replaced. The family's 2 yr. old became very ill which went into a serious asthma situation. They broke the lease through a lawyer and moved. A year later the mgmt. sued them for $12,000 because they broke their lease. It took two years and high cost in attorney fees only to have the judge rule in favor of mgmt., even after a housing/cosumer counseling representative from Topeka testified in the family's behalf. This young family had to take bankruptcy and were blacklisted from future renting. The child continues to have health issues 9 years later. Until laws are in place, people need to be aware that moving out for a medical issue is not accepted in this city. There is no compassion for the health and welfare of a family. Education on mold and health consequences in addition to stiff regulations are needed.

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Sixth Street Wal-Mart to open on April 29; 235 to be hired

Welcome, WalmartThank you for not giving up and bringing jobs to our city. Thank you for providing management jobs along with jobs for students and other workers full and part-time.Wish you the best as you help boost our economy..

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