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Administrative salaries jumped by 42 percent in a single year at Kansas Athletics; KU salaries top K-State's

what about free cars for staff...... Nepotism still in place even after ticket scandal...school district still hires spouses in exchange for tickets and golf.....same trailer trash "culture" as the
WHITEhouse..........cost per football victory $5,200,000.00.....Ask Mr Perkins about the nation wide network in place to hire the children of staff....

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Activist leaders blast proposed expansion of Douglas County Jail

50 to 60 inmate "overflow" could be bailed out for less than $44,000,000

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Douglas County commission agrees to move ahead with $44 million jail expansion design

$804,000.00 per bed. plus $34,000.00 per bed in new yearly l expenses..new tax for "inprovements" $9,700,000.00 per year...at zero interest ... might be paid off in 15 years.

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Financial errors could leave city short on funds for Farmland remediation

Story does not name the bank handling city account. So like rent on the river front mall not being paid ...the bank just sits on 4 million does not say a word...may not be illegal but it is dishonest.

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Questions emerge about whether Tonganoxie mayor has conflict of interest in Tyson project

Mr Ward is either dishonest or or a very incompetent lawyer............

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KU Athletics to offer Free State beer at sporting events — for a very limited number of fans

so some of the fans get cold beer...but if you didn't "donate$10,000.00 you can pay $ 4.50 for a bottle of water.........that is after you've passed thru the TSA style security .......ku last in big 12 attendance wondering why

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Defendant in criminal case involving golf course pond ordered to pay restitution to city

city prosecuter should "over charged" the DFC employee.....he would have snitched allowing fritzill to be charged with felony conspirisy to commit fraud and theft.....just like the mofia except for the k-mart suit....

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City leaders want to keep an eye on cracks at Sports Pavilion Lawrence

hairline cracks as wide as a dime....what creature has "hair" like that ? Check out other modern buildings with polisher concrete floors ....do they have "normal" pencil width cracks?

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School board to vote to approve Hayden's contract, transfer to COO role

my BS detector just pegged out.....

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Lawsuit filing shows city suspected Lawrence police officer of beating, locking woman in dog kennel; officer allowed to resign

How many inmates locked in our "over crowded" county jail were involved in anything even close to the magnitude of this ........?

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