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School district may increase property taxes to offset expected state funding cuts

I've seen people ask Andy Anderson this question every time... He never answers.

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Letter: Sad time

The impression I got from the State of the State was that Brownback was talking about a fetus when he was talking about "the most vulnerable among us." ......"among us" being used very loosely in that case.

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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

I'm still waiting for anyone to list something Brownback has done to help those who aren't donors.....

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Proposal to hike ag land taxes spawns backlash from Kansas farmers

It's issues like this that begin to divide political parties. The City Boy Republican vs. The Country Boy Republican.

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Baldwin City Council supports plan to convert old school into apartments

"Larkin said low-income tenants in Baldwin City could include Baker University graduate students, young professionals and those just starting their own businesses."

Perhaps things have changed since my time in Baldwin City, but I was unaware Baker University had a large population of graduate students. My understanding was that the graduate students were located in Overland Park and Wichita. Perhaps he meant students that recently graduated with an undergraduate degree, most of which (from my experience) leave Baldwin shortly after graduating anyway. Also, I'm unaware of many young professionals living in Baldwin City, if there are my guess is many of them have families making a one bedroom apartment out of the question -- although I suppose two bedroom could work. The only group of people that Larkin mentioned that would benefit from this affordable living situation would be the business owners. Historically businesses don't last that long in Baldwin, so when their business goes broke and they find themselves in debt they'll need a cheap place to live.

As far as current students at Baker University go, it doesn't sound as though they would qualify for the affordable housing -- perhaps I'm wrong -- either way students are typically required to live on campus (or in a fraternity/sorority) until their junior year, with limited exceptions. Many that don't live on campus already have a place to live line up, which is why they were granted the exemption.

Another thing that strikes me as odd, and this perhaps has more to do with the law than with Mr. Larkin's plan. Is my understanding correct that he will get a tax credit for preserving a historical site, but he'll also get a tax credit for completely remodeling it and making it something completely different.... seems odd to me.

I'm sure the apartments will get rented out and this project will be viewed as successful. It's just sad to me that years ago the idea of building a new school for over $20 million (and another to follow a few years after that) was sold to the people of Baldwin, Marion Springs, and Vinland. Now we come to find out that Marion Springs Elementary is (from my understanding) serving as a private residence, Vinland Elementary is on the market with several offers already in on it, and now Baldwin Elementary is going to be an apartment complex. I 100% support better resources for children, but perhaps it would have been a better idea to hire Rau Construction to remodel the three schools at $5 million a pop rather than spend tens of millions on two new schools jam packed with kids.

It won't be long before we hear calls for a new Baldwin High School, I mean for Heaven's Sake, it's 20 years old this year...

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Why were ticket holders turned away from Obama’s speech at KU? President was in the building

Bob Smith, Lee Henry, Tara Painter... You guys are old, shut up.

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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

My sneaking suspicion is that Mr. Brownback has far more to worry about this election than LFK.

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Tofu maker seeking location in rural Douglas County; city now looking at 0.2 percent sales tax proposal; City Hall discussion of payday loan regulations

Several local farms provide antibiotic free, grass fed beef, as well as other humanely raised products including chicken, lamb, pork, and vegetables. Typically their prices aren't outrageous, especially when you consider the health benefits you receive and the food quality. I'am a big fan of the Central Soy Foods, I buy it quite often at Checkers!

Here is a helpful link:

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