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3 car break-ins reported at KU Park and Ride lot on West Campus

Three of the five cameras in the lot were broken. The only ones working at the time were pointed at the bus stop rather than cars in the lot.

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Heard on the Hill: KU Internet provider upgrades speeds for students; alumna makes film directorial debut; campus dining options making a nod to the 'foodie' movement

Like someone said above, check out the Mortar & Pestle at the School of Pharmacy. We really are spoiled with the awesome food the chef makes us over here. Turkey meatballs and spaghetti, homemade Mac & cheese, turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, cod, steamed broccoli, etc. I don't normally order from the grill to try to go a healthier route with the daily specials, but when I have ordered a burger it was amazing too. The staff is super friendly and helpful too!

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Tonganoxie grad among 6 killed in Atchison blast

It's visible from the number of posts on your Facebook wall that there are a great number of people thinking about you. The fact that you were at the property on Monday to be with the families who had not yet confirmed the loss of their loved ones says a lot about your character. I continue to keep you in my thoughts every day, and I wish I could posess half the strength you have.

From Mona Simpson's eulogy for her brother Steve Jobs:
'We all-in the end-die in media reis. In the middle of a story. In many stories.'

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Douglas County jury convicts man of manufacturing methamphetamine at hotel

My friend and I used to make bets on if the hotel would have it's 'No Vacancy' sign lit up as we drove back into Lawrence from work at The Legends. Mysteriously enough it always seemed to be full on Monday nights. We always joked that the only people who stay there must be meth cooks. We also are rather curious as to what the inside of one of those rooms looks like.

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Westar seeks $91 million increase

I'll pay more when I no longer have to deal with unexplained power outages.

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Gov. Brownback cancels meeting with Rep. Paul Davis to discuss Lawrence SRS office

I saw a good YouTube video last week:

Welcome to Brownbackistan, where Kansas used to be!

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Town Talk: Bert Nash land purchase may open door for outdoor wellness area; Jos. A. Bank rumored for downtown; city fees set to increase

I was really hoping the old Talbots would become a mini Forever21. That place would thrive in Lawrence. But what do I know about retail?

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Live blog: Downtown property owners discuss future of Downtown Lawrence

If you want to see a pharmacy downtown why CVS or Walgreens? Because they're open 24 hours? Wouldn't an independent pharmacy be more fitting for this community? It was really sad to see Round Corner go, but I would love to see another independent pharmacy take it's place. Something very similar to Round Corner Pharmacy in downtown Leavenworth would likely be as successful in Lawrence.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback says he is willing to consider options to closure of Lawrence SRS office

This better not be a bunch of false hope for the people of Lawrence.

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16 things: KU’s Natural History Museum director shares experiences

I really enjoyed this article. I've always enjoyed reading your Heard on The Hill stories because it gives me a new perspective of what is happening at KU while I am a student here. But this would be an awesome addition to the Journal-World.

So suggestions for people to interview: Dr. Steve Ilardi was my favorite professor while I was working on my undergrad. He had great stories to share in class.

I took a philosophy/medical ethics course taught by a very interesting man named Don Marquis. He had some interesting things to say about ethics, and I have a feeling he has seen a lot in his time.

Can't wait to read more!

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