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Opinion: Story reveals real face of poverty

So it is said that a rich man has the same chance of going to heaven as a camel has to go through the eye of a needle. Why is that? Because the rich forget what is more important than money, more important than a beautiful 5,000 sq ft house or two or three luxury cars in their huge garage. If we take the money thrown away of foolish junk purchased by the rich, or take a small portion of the money spent on eating out, or playing games, or thrown away at the casino, it would be enough to open new jobs for the poor and fill their bodies with pride and ambition.

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Letter: State tax surprise

But we all know the people of Kansas will blindly vote in the same bunch because they are Republicans!! Vote for the person because of what they will do to better everyone's life.

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Letter: One and done

First, I agree with the letter writer that "one and done" is not good for both the university athletic program or the future of the athlete. Let me tell you a situation that happened to me:
When I taught high school, I had a student who was an excellent baseball pitcher and was hoping to play professionally. He chose to go play professionally and didn't go to college or even play on that level. After 2 years on a highly rated minor league team, he took a line drive directly into his right (throwing) arm and damaged the muscle permanently. He cannot pitch, he has no college degree, barely graduated from high school and can't join the military. I want to tell you that this kid was very sharp but didn't care about his school work. He is married, lives in a small apartment with his wife, and works at a very low paying job.
I think "one and done' is not a good idea and it robs the student athlete of a future beyond sports. Every athlete ends his sports career at some time.

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Your turn: Males, females can succeed together

Like many people, I suppose, I was raised to believe that men and women are equal but not the same. Men and women have different roles in reproduction and that is the only difference. When the wife is pregnant, isn't the husband also? When a woman is harmed, shouldn't the man help her regain herself and vice versa? Why do we allow one gender to out rank the other? You cannot say you were taught to act that way, can you? And if you were, can't you see the truth of it?

What is hampering boys and some girls today is the lack of discipline and respect for their elders. They think that because they can use a computer, or drive a car, or get a girl pregnant they are mature enough to call a 70 year old by their first name. Is that the right way to reward those who taught you, sweated for you, paid for your schooling, your clothing, your food on the table, etc? I am not sure it isn't our own fault. I mean we give trophies to children who don't win as a way to say thanks for participating. Then what does the trophy mean when you win? We don't let them out in the cold wintery day because we are afraid they will catch a cold, and then they are sick every time the wind blows. We need disciplined young men and women in this country who are ready and able to face the problems of the world without shrinking from them. Let them learn to face adversity with compunction and skill.

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Opinion: Stop making excuses for Bieber

There are thousands of young kids as talented and good looking as this guy Bieber. He is lucky that is all. Someone noticed him, brought him along, made a star (what ever that means) out of him and he acts like he is the be all and end all of music. Well, he isn't because next year, next month or tomorrow another young boy will capture the hearts of all the teenie boppers and Bieber will be forgotten, used up and still arrogant. What does he have to gain in his small minded world? If he was more than just a pretty face, if he were to care about others and use his millions in a good way, he would be unique, loved by all and a real star.

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Letter: Health mistake

You missed the point Brock. My post was about the republicans failure to provide an alternative to the ACA, the other idea is what you saw. From the very beginning didn't a southern republican senator exclaim in front of micrphones and cameras that the republican goal was to make Obama a one term president? Mitchell McConnell, if I am correct. Did you miss that tidbit? Being a southern gentleman, do you not think he was racially charged when saying that? I think he was and I think republicans can't get over the idea that the president beat two very "strong" contenders. Well he did, and we have the ACA whether or not it is good. So instead of starting all over again, let's fix what we have. Stop trying to repeal it and get it fixed!

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Letter: Health mistake

So as you knock down Obamacare, what is your alternative? You, like your fellow republicans can criticize the ACA but never brought anything to the floor that was better or even competed with it. YOU are to blame for its problems. Instead of the constant barage of negative comments, why not propose a fix so every American can enjoy a healthy life? YOU don't like it because a black democratic president favors it. YOU wanted him to have only one term but the people didn't agree. It is YOU who are out of step with your constituents.

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Opinion: Change is the new normal

Yes, Leslie, "it will be the goal of every republican to ensure that Mrs. Clinton is a one term president". This was the most disterous comment made by the republicans I have ever heard. Well to tell the truth (and most republicans reject this), Mr. Obama is President of all of the USA not just blue states or the democratic party and so would Mrs. Clinton. It is time that once the campaign is over and the people have spoken, we get behind the president, who ever that may be, and support the USA to become a better place to live.

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Letter: Park vigilance

This was an extremely foolish idea from the start and I can't imagine what the city council, exept Mr. Amyx, saw in it. We are wasting lots of money on a project that does not interest the rest of the people of Lawrence.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

Mr. Upchurch, while I agree that a person should have the religious freedom to decide for themselves their own belief and practice system, but on the other hand, what right do they have to force it on others? You may not agree with same sex marriage and that is your right which means only that you don't marry someone of the same sex. But to prohibit others from excercising their own belief system is and should be unconstitutional.

When we start to discriminate on the basis of religious belief systems, and sincere people following their own traditions, are we then stepping on the rights of others? That is what is wrong about the anti gay bill before our legislature. If this passes, who then will feel the hammer of discrimination come down on them?

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