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Opinion: U.S. can’t delay action against ISIS

It is a total misnomer to call this terrorist group by an Islamic name. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Islam! Islam does not tolerate the killing of non-Muslims because they are non-Muslims, non-combatants, or any individuals except those who are trying to kill them or holding them in oppression. Self defense and oppression are the only reasons one can kill and that includes governments. However, no Muslim would hold that ISIS is a government or a political movement toward a government.

A Caliphate cannot be founded upon violence or the oppression of people the caliphate wants to subjugate. It is not to use capital punishment for crimes such as they have touted, especially fornication or adultery at the same time their soldiers are raping and killing for no reason than to gain power.

In a truly Islamic Caliphate the ruler is chosen by the people through a body known as the Mujlis Ashura which is the council advising and choosing the Caliph. It cannot be done through violence and the Mujlis Ashura is chosen by knowledgeable people who are scholars and leaders of the community. Their goal cannot be to subjugate people for the sake of power but for the sake of bringing the community together for God alone.

ISIS is a stain on mankind and must be stopped, eradicated and forgotten as a terrorist group that failed their own people. Bombing and killing them is not the only answer. The answer is to educate the people who are bowing to their tactics to know that this is not what is expected of a true Muslim.

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Opinion: Netanyahu must step up for peace

Yes, I always knew that truth hurts, Ron. I think you had better read the articles again from an intelligent and non-Zionist perspective and see where you must look into the mirror.

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Opinion: Netanyahu must step up for peace

Hudna? Are you serious, Holswrath? Islamic warfare is never offensive and it is never used to gain land. You are spewing absolute lies and you are just like the others who discredit Islam at every point.
So you think killing 2100 civilians is fair warfare, starving people then kill them if they object? What kind of people who steal land, try to convince the world that it was theirs in the first place, place the objectors into a prison, don't feed them, allow them no medical supplies, jobs, shelter and wonder why they oppose such treatment? Then, without regard to human rights, bomb hospitals, schools, civilian places of refuge and you think you have a hudna?

Your Netanyahu is not unlike Ariel Sharon who encouraged the carnage at Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon, for what? Punishment for wanting Israel out of their land.

The American people are catching up to Israelis lies, they are beginning to see what kind of people would do such atrocities against a people for the sake of land, power and control.
Give the Palestinians their statehood, get out of their daily lives. Israel has gotten the majority of land in what was known as the Land of Palestine for hundreds of years and made it Israel. Now act like a country and stop the unnecessary carnage. Palestinians would not attack you if you give them freedom, the right to live and be prosperous.

Your reading of Islamic topics is laudable but you read them with your twisted desire to misconstrue it. You quote only half a verse, the half that supports your position, and forgets the rest where it says it is wrong. You missed the part where it tells mankind to always be just, tell the truth, be honest in your dealings and revere what God has sent you. You missed the part where it says to fight oppression with every means that you have and that God will judge the oppressors and when they stop the oppression, to stop fighting them. Oppressors are held to higher standards because they have the lives, the future of the oppressed as their responsibility. Israel is a poor oppressor. It has committed terrible crimes against civilians as has the oppressed but in the end, whose fault is it? When you are held down by a bully, won't you fight anyway you can?

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Opinion: Human toll too great in Gaza

Also, in Arabic, there is an "H" sound like "hello" "how"" heaven" so the pronunciation of the word Hamas is hamas. not chamas. I know most Hebrew speakers do not use the "h" sound. So what does Hamas mean in Arabic? I doesn't mean terror or wrong or violence, it means one who is true to God.

God says in the Quran that Muslims must always fight against oppression and by fighting, God means that when the oppression is over, Muslims MUST stop fighting. There cannot be grudges and revenge. When it is over, it is over. It is very clear that the Israelis keep the Palestinians under a state of oppression and the Israelis do so, so that the Pals have nowhere to go but out of the area which would give them the land they desire.

Bibi ( Netanyahu) clearly stated last week that the two state solution is not part of his plan and that he believes it wouldn't be in Israel's best interest. But look at the number of real Jews living in the Arab world in a peaceful and meaningful way. While I visited North Africa a few years ago, I asked to see the Jewish quarter. My guide said they live everywhere among the Arabs who trade with them and socialize with them. Muslims and Jews share almost the same dietary laws. So why not in Palestine?

Because, in North Africa, Jews are not looking at the land and wanting it all, unlike Israelis. How can you be friends, socialize and enjoy the company of one who wants your land?

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Opinion: Human toll too great in Gaza

Holswrath you always miss the point-always. When you crowd 1.8 million people into a small space and give them everything?- no they blockaded them, closed the tunnels into Egypt and Israel, starving them, no jobs, no money, no decent living places and you call that Israel giving them everything? So what can they do to draw attention to this travesty? They shoot harmless rockets into Israel killing NO ONE!
If you opened the blockade and allowed Gazans to be able to trade with other countries, remove the occupation, Palestine could flourish next to Israel. But your friend Bibi wants the land, he wants to kill Palestinians so Israel is alone on that land-he has said as much.
So the Quran mentions Israel? I don't think so, it mentions the Children of Israel who have transgressed so much that God (we can write His name) had to send prophet after prophet to get them to follow the straight path. But instead, the COI, as we call them, rejected and killed the prophets. There is no land of Israel, but He gave the Sinai to the COI, but they soon left it. Then the COI embraced Islam and are the Palestinians of today. Read buddy, research and you will find this factual. So the Israelis of today are fighting the descendants of their ancestors if they are real Children of Israel.
I believe the European Jew is not, has no connection to the land nor the ancestors that would bequeath them Sinai.

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Letter: Budget discomfort

Am I the first to respond to this?

While I mostly agree, I want to state the obvious: The city wanted the Rock Chalk Recreation Park, it wanted to rebuild the library, it spends millions on renovations to our streets and wants to build a police facility. While I am sure we need the police facility, we didn't need to build Rock Chalk. We put our tax dollars into something that gives the average citizen absolutely nothing except higher taxes. Now you come to us for more money for other things that are a higher priority for most in Lawrence than that athletic park. We were not hurting for it, we didn't have to have it or bad things would happen, there is no revenue from it. What do you want from us?
Some of us are retired but we have to work to keep paying our taxes on foolish ideas that impact very few. Let those few pay for it, but leave the assessments alone!!

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Opinion: Bus misstep funny but sad

I truly cannot believe that our congress goes home at night without a solution to this. They must be heartless and totally insensitive to human need. I know the issue is fraught with "what-ifs" but we cannot let these children wither.
I truly think it is time to relieve ourselves of every single incumbent in our government. We need leadership and a congress that will work FOR the American people, not for special interests. Please, if you want the status quo, and enjoy the stalemate in our government, don't vote. Those of us who want to perfect our government will be happy to elect new people with promise and desire to do the right things in every case regardless of the wants of special interest groups. Lets be smart, look at each candidate for their principles and character, not just their party. Let's ask them specific questions and get rid of those who have blocked the way. This is for us, we the people!

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Construction at city's recreation center on track, but name for facility still elusive

How about: "Screwed City Recreation Center"

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Opinion: Sudanese woman stands by faith

Please don't equate the actions of the Sudanese government to be commensurate with Islamic teachings. Simply stated, the Quran states that "Let there be no compulsion in this religion". You are not "required to pray, attend services, fast or perform any of the pillars of Islam but in doing so you please God." It is up to your own conscience to follow its teachings. If you choose not to, it is your business.

Too many times, the actions of so-called Islamic countries or individuals decry the teachings of the peaceful religion turning it into something else. There is no latitude for terrorism in Islam, one must fight against oppression but on a face to face basis not killing innocents but by being direct with the oppressors. The limits of war are clearly spelled out: once your enemy stops fighting, you must stop fighting; restitution to the defeated are given; not stealing his goods and property.

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Letter: He’s no Lincoln

Did you expect more from this man? This is how he was during his terms as a U S Senator.

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