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Friends of Lawrence Public Library organization starts raising funds in wake of bedbug incident

You know what I don't understand? We will pay for a homeless shelter, 18 million for a library, 20 million for sports/rec center, and the list goes on, BUT we will not pay for a mental health ward at LMH. Very, very sad. But hey, we have art, lots and lots of art and books.

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Opinion: Shooting raises mental health issues

Finally, a journalist that sees the real problem. Also, state laws regarding the privacy of a person's mental history should not override federal laws. If a person's mental history cannot be accessed by the federal government for background checks and they have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, how are we suppose to keep guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people?

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Heavy thunderstorms cut power to many in Douglas County

Hope you guys called 911, they can get westar to respond better than the public.

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AT&T investing millions in mobile network on KU campus to improve data speeds

I have heard countless complaints about the reception but ATT keeps denying it. I live by the high school and get one to two bars and have gotten the "service unavailable" message many times. My calls get dropped in the middle of a conversation. ATT keeps telling me it is because I don't turn my phone off every day, and that is their only solution.

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More questions about World Trade Center artifact slated for Lawrence; A&E's 'Shipping Wars' plans to be in Douglas County

Seriously, just name a new street or park after the event instead. WTC Memorial Drive or WTC Memorial Park. We have a Veterns Park and Campanile as memorials. No need for something from a questionable organization.

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Color Run bursts through downtown Lawrence

It really didn't seem like thousands of runners to me, maybe they were counting spectators.

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Letter: Nanny city?

And would a city inspection have prevented these problems, in other words did the problems fall under what they would have been inspecting for?

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Letter: Nanny city?

Merrill, I am a homeowner surrounded by hundreds of rentals owned by various landlords, both good and bad. I had no idea I was in a living hell. Thanks for letting me know. Oh and could you please convince the city and county that this decreases my property value so my taxes will go down?

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

I wonder if any neighborhood kids knocked on their door and asked if they wanted their lawn mowed to make some money. Seriously, how many tenants are going to go out and buy a lawnmower? If mowing is not covered in the lease, the landlord should be responsible. I hired an enterprising young man this summer to mow my rental after he knocked on their door.

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City wants further review of proposed rental registration and inspection program

Merrill is making it very obvious he is for strict control over rental units but totally against banning couches as a safety hazard. Does that make sense? Let's try this scenario. Tenants see a free couch and snag it for their porch. They and their friends lounge around on it, maybe a stranger camps out on it for a night. Then they go inside and sleep on their beds. Next thing you know, the rental unit is infested with bed bugs. They complain to the city and the landlord is stuck with a bill for several thousand dollars for an infestation caused by the tenants themselves. Does that seem fair? How do rental units get bed bugs? Obviously from the tenants. I solved the whole porch couch problem years ago. Mine comes complete with porch furniture, wicker and wood.

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