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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

The JW once published a link to a site that provided the information on who received farm subsidies and how much. Do you have that info, I would love to have it?

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

The LJW has pretty much driven off all the good commenters anyway.

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100 years ago: Arson suspected in restaurant fire

"officers arrested Carl Stow, 41 as a vagrant.....Stow was sent out of town on the first train after he was taken up." Had to chuckle at that one. Can you imagine what would happen nowadays if they tried that?

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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

Too bad the electric company doesn't have to use 80% on operating costs or return it.

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School board agrees to Haskell Avenue site for tech ed center

I tried to e-mail school board members (not on this matter) through the district website, but I couldn't find any e-mail addresses. The link with their name seems to only link to Microsoft outlook which I don't have. This can't be right, I must be missing something. Surely they would not exclude people that don't have a purchased only program. Anyone have actual e-mail addresses?

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Westar residential rates would go up $3 per month under proposed settlement

"Westar officials said more of the rates needed to be paid by residential customers because big businesses were paying more than their fair share." And they use more than their fair share. In life, everyone pays for what they use, why would electricity be any different. This will open the door for businesses to ask that the same be applied to natural gas and water, just wait.

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Westar residential rates would go up $3 per month under proposed settlement

Is this the same rate increase they were talking about that it was said would be 45 cents?

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Tight rules proposed for KC Pumpkin Patch

Odd, they didn't impose a "no blasting loud music" rule against the Color Run, at 8 a.m. no less. Would have been nice.

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Opinion: Shooting raises mental health issues

You know what I don't understand? We will pay for a homeless shelter, 18 million for a library, 20 million for sports/rec center, and the list goes on and on, BUT we will not pay for a mental health ward at LMH. Very, very sad. But hey, we have art.

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