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KU AD Perkins meets with football players over concerns about coach Mark Mangino

Boo freaking hoo to all the **girls** that think coach Mangio is too tough. Parents don't let your **girls** play for him if you think he might bruise their oh so tender egos. Did it ever occur to anyone that kids these days are to delicately cared for to have the hutzpah that ball players of yore had. sheesh this is not creative writing. As far as LP.....there are few who can donate millions and he is rapidly loosing the millions that can and want to donate few. He also treats alumni players like crap, even if they did make it big, with big NFL paychecks.

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Jaeger found guilty on three of four charges

Seems as though the town of Lawrence is engaged in one big happy dance. Satirical poses an interesting question, punishment vs. rehab, I vote for a little of both. Enought punishment to leave a very vivid imprint in his pee brain that what he did was inexcusably WRONG and some rehab to break the spoiled white boy from Chicago right out of him.

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Matthew Jaeger takes stand in his own defense

Jaeger & Jaeger Real Estate

Anyone who is interested if you google this you can get a Super pages site

Guess what there is a write a review section, maybe consumers should be aware of what Jaeger & Jaeger's boy is accused of.

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Matthew Jaeger takes stand in his own defense

Ok so take a gander at this hired thug. If you look at his expertise no where does it mention any kind of trauma related to GYN territory, I realize Gaumer's does not eith, but she was on call that night and got the case by default. Also if you look under every pic on this clown's website, a Jasmine Vogel programmed the site, hmmmm could someone he is related to be pimping him out as an expert witness????
Next comment if daddy-o Jaeger is a commercial real eestate agend in Chi town is it possible to find out if the Chi town area might be interested in boycotting business that use him and cut the funds like yesterday?? I some realestate clown here had a kid that was accused of doing this somewhere else I pray that some one notifies the local press so I can make my own economic impact to the defense fund. The only way for the Lawrence community to get this ahole and his family where it might remotely hurt is the pocketbook, they obviously have no morals, and I doubt anything that is stated here bothers them, but I bet cutting the funding would.

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Graham Bailey: Cost is the central problem

I like the cut and pasting, helps me with research, which by the way proves that Merrill has done.

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Rod Bremby: Misplaced emphasis on care rather than health.

Genius, absolute genius. Well said. Novel idea to put the focus on health and not care!!!

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Graham Bailey: Cost is the central problem

2 other itmes......How much in claims were denied for how many claims, and how much ABOVE medicare is BC/BS reimbursing currently for say a hysterectomy, or gall bladder removal, or dialysis access, or a joint replacement? I will assume no one will answer tha latter because it is the same!!!!!!!!

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Graham Bailey: Cost is the central problem

What did BC/BS pay to its shareholders last year???

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Orthopedic specialists put Lawrence on the cutting edge

I work in the same building and rarely if ever do I see the PT people working with pts, they seem to all stand behind the desk and watch everyone enter and exit the building. I have relatives that have had OrthoKansas surgeons and they have had great experiences, I think by in large they do have high caliber physicians, wish they would get the PT dept caught up, but then again it will keep Krider busy to have a second rate PT staff.

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Bicyclist flown to KU Hospital after accident southwest of Lawrence

Wow I never knew Lawrence had so many roadway experts here in town, where do all of you find jobs in your area of expertise??? I have driven and rode on 458 the better part of 33 years and last I checked the only traffic that pays the taxes to maintain said road, is traffic powered by some type of engine. When cyclists start tagging their bikes (motorcyclists excluded as they tag their bikes) I would think they would have a better arguement. Notice I did not say more of a right to complain, as anyone is allowed to complain thank you Bill of RIghts. Anyone else in Dg. Co. ever notice that cyclists (not motor, again) seen to think the rules of the road do not apply to them. Countless times bicyclists pull right up next to motorists at stop lights and signs, if they decide to stop at all. Why don't the cyclists use the trails the city and county built for them, talk about a waste of tax money.

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