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10 plead guilty to drug-trafficking ring in Lawrence

Oh please like LPD has done anything special. I'm sure they are giving themselves pats on the back. Someone else will step up and take over. If they want to put a dent on the war on drugs go to Columbia.

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Man 'accidentally' stole car

In Alaska they leave the cars running because in the very cold temps here if you shut off your car you will never get it started again. when you get home you plug them into warmers. So if your drunk and stupid it can happen very easily.

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Obama wins presidency

If you look at the map of who won what states It shows that McCain won the states that are producing oil. The oil industry wants renewable energy. In turn creates hundreds of thousands of jobs. Meaning more money for people and economy. Start a ripple in the water and it spreads out.

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Last Day of the World

Beware of what you ask for you just might get it. Well the People asked for change now they are going to get it. Hope its the change you wanted if not your going to choke on it.

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Texas steps up execution schedule

Well said ksdivakat

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Texas steps up execution schedule

If they murder someone i believe they should get the same treatment. Why should we keep them alive with our tax dollars. Their victims did not get humane treatment or a fair trial when they were put to death why should they?

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Courts attacking marriage

image is what God looks like not his sexual orentation. If you want to use the arguement that God made them. Then please explain why it is very clear in the bible in several different chapters and verses that God hates homosexuality. and if its tax rights they want then fight for that. They have made it a "life style" and decided what goes on in the bedroom should be made public asking for rights.

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What is your favorite pumpkin food?

pumpkin bread is awesome. and pumpkin pie for breakfast is the bomb

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Courts attacking marriage

Well jonas if God knows all things i doubt he will be confused.

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Lawrence police investigating four sex crimes

frwent i agree. I know of at least 2 men that are on that list because some girl said she was of "age" . One of them her mother found out she was having sex and charged the guy with rape. He had no idea she was 15. The other guy got into an arguement with his girlfriend and told her he wanted to see other people. She decided that if she couldn't have him no one would and cried rape. Now both of those guys lives are ruined.

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