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Letter: Dismal news

what part of 'having a mental ward' is not the problem, do you people not understand???? you have to have a qualified psychiatrist that will cover inpatient care to work and care for the patients!!!!! there are none to be found and judging by the way medicine is going, there are none looming in the future. don't blame LMH!

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Letter: Mental care

so, you do realize that you can have all the wings in the world added to LMH, but if you can't get a pschyatrist to come and work in this town and cover inpatients, it is all for naught. it is not the hospital, it is the availability of the doctors.

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Letter: Veteran care

it is always easier to blame the other guy and do nothing rather than to address the issue and attempt to fix it. so if there was wrong doing that was happening over 8 years ago, let it go on??? The " not my fault" reaction of the current admisitration does nothing but walk circles around the issues. This inaction on the part of the administration does no honor to our nation and blaming 'the other guy' is just double talk. Fix the problem. That is what a great leader would do, not pass the buck and sit back. The treatment of our veterans is dispicable and inexcusable. These men and women served and deserve better treatment.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital, KU Med prepared for 'nightmare bacteria,' officials say

sounds like the advice was spot on. what did you want him to tell you? also sometimes staph infections come from the skin. it is called staph epidermis. don't blame the hospital for giving you a common sense answer. of course,perhaps you don't understand common sense.

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Herman Cain accuser stands by claim of longtime affair

just wondering how much david axelrod paid her or her buisness to cause this uproar

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Defense cuts

Those bases do not exsist because these countries are "a threat". They are there to have a close proximity for our wounded to be treated and to stage the deployements. In order to have a rapid response, you have to have personnel and equipment closer to the regions of involvement. And I disagree with the foolish notion of disarming the nuclear wing. With the presence of nuclear arms in the hands of very unstable regions, it is imperative to have this type of defense. War is ugly, that is why it is war. There are many areas that can be cut, but there is no quick cure. And the military is already drawing down. The number of personnel is being cut.

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Silly salaries

most of the persons that I am aquainted with who are well off,by no means "rich",are very well disciplined in their finances. They do not spend above their means and have significant savings. If they make large purchases,they do research and get the best value for their money. Many "I want it now" Americans (including myself) could take many lessons to heart. The overuse of credit in this country is its downfall.

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

if MBM enterprises is the former A&M towing, the city should know that they operate without insurance. i know this for a fact as one of their trucks struck my vehicle, totalled it and injured me. Oh,yes the driver also left the scene of the accident. I was left holding the bag. they gave false information to the police, and suprise, nothing was done. they then filed bankruptcy so none of my losses could be recovered. they just opened up under another name. if your insurance doesn't cover the towing then AAA is well worth the money. just another case that the citizen needs to be informed.

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