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The case of the 39 missing wedding gowns

Accidentally shot a house? Where was Chaney????

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LHS assistant principal arrested for DUI

You are right justanother. You should defend your friend, and Im sure she appreciates it. She will need lots of support and will need people to remember all the GOOD she has done and not just focus on the bad. I applaud your effort to help her during this difficult time. I am not judging, many people make bad choices everyday and we all must learn to deal with our mistakes and handle the consequences of them. It is in fact a blessing for Ms. Gentry to have experienced this WITHOUT hurting someone in the process. So many others aren't that fortunate. Perhaps this is a second chance for her to become an even stronger person.

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LHS assistant principal arrested for DUI


"its not like she murdered someone for crying out loud"

"So before you all judge Ms. Gentry on how her DUI will influence young teens in Lawrence to go out and drink remember, we already do"

This speaks volumes to the generation of teens/young adults in this community. I hope as you get older, your moral character and judgement improves. Don't brag about teens "already" drinking. Its nothing to brag about. Odds are many of you will be in a similar position when your in your 50's if you dont get a true perspective in life and find what your purpose is.

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LHS assistant principal arrested for DUI

Only a question lakelover and justanother......

Better I ask and get clarity than assume and believe falsely.

And a little tip.....just as "we" dont know what truly happened because "we" wern't there, neither do "you". So don't be to quick to run to her rescue until you know the facts yourself.

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LHS assistant principal arrested for DUI

Was that her son who was convicted of a DUI about 4 years ago? It happened at the intersection by HyVee on 6th street and one lady was killed. His name was Brandon Gentry

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Judge denies lower bail for fire suspect

Intentional or not...whatever happed to good ole' fashioned RESPONSIBLITY For our actions. He stared a fire that killed 3 people and injured several others. "Not intentional" doesn't mean "not guilty". If he would accept some responsiblity and his church members would acknowlege his responsiblity, they wouldnt appear to be as insensitive as they are. Of all things the church should teach responsiblity along with repentance and forgiveness of mistakes and sins.......Amen

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Sebelius vetoes concealed weapons bill

Freedom doesnt mean we are without control by others such as the law. And freedom doesnt allow us to simply "do what we feel is best for ourselves" all of the time. Freedom means responsibility and the self-control to make good choices that not only benefit ourselves but others as well. There are too many people who want the freedom to carry guns, but they are not responsible enought to make the right choices while doing so. The NRA and Lawmakers who would propose such a law have thier own hidden agendas...in short, they either want a gun or have someone in their circle who does. They are not looking out for the best interest of the state. The money and effort it takes to regulate such a law should be redirected into ways to get guns OFF of the street.

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