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Fire at apartment building early Sunday morning fits pattern of recent suspected arsons

Right now no one has been hurt but unless caught, it is only a matter of time before some is hurt or dies as an result of these fires!! If set in a place where the apartments are not up to code or people have disconnected their alarms it could get deadly!!

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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

I know exactly how that mother felt, my son did something similar when he was in Junior High!! It was a Monday and he did not come home from school at his regular time!! I called all of his friends and the school to see if there had been some after school event that he was attending, they all said no they had not seen him!! This was the mid 80s when my husband came home from work he went looking and I called his grandmother and aunt and they also hadn't seen him!! When my husband returned we called the police and our minister!! At 10 O'clock our son called us and asked for a ride home, he had went over to a new friends house and was playing with him! He could not tell us why he didn't call to ask if he could go and the parents of this boy did not even tell him to call home and they didn't offer him supper, he played outside why they ate!! I would like to tell you that he was harshly punished but was so glad that my fears were not realized!!

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Enforcement action nets 16 seat belt violations, 1 arrest

When they first started issuing tickets it was $100, and the driver was held responsible!! Now any passenger over the age of 18 will be fined!! Would think the ticket cost would have gone up so your math will be $100x18=$1800

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Homeless shelter marks beginning of new home

It said that there would be health care at the shelter!!

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Jayhawk fans storm downtown to bask in afterglow of Final Four victory

Sunshine_noise you knew what was going to happen so why didn't you do you business before the game or during the game!! You could go visit someone out of town or just hunker in for the nite and get over yourself!! I watched the game but stayed home afterword, enjoyed the fireworks and bell ringing, but my dog didn't like all the noise even she got over it!! So next year why don't you make plans to be elsewhere and we will all be happy?? I am 65 year old woman and had to put the dog out because she could not stand the excitement!!

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Man life-flighted from Lawrence's Virginia Inn after presumed fall

If not Bush then it's Obama's fault!!

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Town Talk: Olive Garden may not be done on South Iowa; LED lighting place in downtown; commercial nursery looking to expand near Baldwin Junction

Duck's seafood place on Mass. had the best fillet of sole, and a catfish meal that would feed 2 or more. I got engaged there.

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Dillons submits modifications of design for Mass. Street store to Lawrence City Commission

Dillons on Mass when they last remolded helped bus Babcock and other elderly to their other stores so they would not be inconvenienced or have to use public transportation to get to another store.

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Vandalized Jayhawk sculpture expected to be repaired, returned to Kansas Union before graduation

Read article 4 times and found no typos, what are you talking about?

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