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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

I agree with a lot of what you have posted but just because someone breaks the law doesn't mean that any punishment should be acceptable. Your nuclear options go beyond that part where "the punishment should fit the crime" thing.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

The speeding ticket should reflect how much people are speeding. The more they are speeding the higher the ticket should cost. Starting at $140 is way to much. Highway robbery. You don't even really have to be speeding to get a ticket. All you have to have is a cop saying you were speeding and the rest is a done deal.

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Letter: How many?

Nice thing about our government. They are sending someone else to war. When the "someone else's" come back from war, if they are lucky, then they have to fight the government to get the help they need to cope with what the war has done to their lives.

When Kerry was talking about all the atrocities that were being committed, for a minute, I thought he was referring to the innocent people being killed by drone attacks.

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Opinion: Has Obama been shamed into war?

"Barack Obama has been stirred to action."

"Or more accurately, shamed into action. Which is the worst possible reason. A president doesn’t commit soldiers to a war for which he has zero enthusiasm. Nor does one go to war for demonstration purposes."

Hmm, wonder where all this advise was when GW needed it.

Nevertheless, this is a lose lose proposition. Neither the current regime nor the rebels are going to be anyone we will be able to reason with. The syrian people can't win either.

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Letter: William who?

How about "commemorate those Lawrence citizens" who were terrorized and murdered by Quantrill and his terrorists. I think your confusing the LTE's point.

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Letter: William who?

The maffia is commemorated with shows like the Godfather and more recently the Sopranos and Jesse James (who participated Quantrill's Raid) has been glorified as are many outlaws of the era. Easy, i guess, when your several years removed from the carnage and terror they inflicted.

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Letter: Guns in church

I have always liked the gun advocates position of "the more guns there are out there the more guns we need out there". Bet George Tiller wishes there weren't guns in churches. He should have known he needed a gun in church.

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Sandrats still hope to build memorial in North Lawrence

"Sandrat Casino" anyone? Cures everything. Now, just exactly what was sand rat?

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

Surely they would if there were enough incentives in tax dollars to attract that crowd.

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

"The family is trying to milk the prospective buyers for all the money they can get."

I think you just described "business" in America. right or wrong it seems a little unfair to blame the family for wanting to get as much as possible for their property. The city holds a stake in the Hernly offer but at least they are very trustworthy which can't be said for a lot of the people the city makes deals with

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