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As antibullying efforts evolve, ‘data drives decisions’

One might use some of the LJWorld Saturday columns as good examples of bullying. A recent one regarding the Vice Chancellor at the KU Medical Center comes to mind.

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Working together

Perhaps the publisher of the local paper in Norman, OK is supportive of the home school. Helps.

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Should pay raises for Lawrence city employees be based on years of service or performance?

I think the people that work for the city probably don't make a lot of money and if there is a way to squeek out a year end bonus - I'm happy for them. Wish everyone who works could have the same opportunity, but the city doesn't have control over KU or Payless shoes - they do have the ability to help their employees and they chose to do that. Good for them.

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Ticket fix?

Give me a break. I will not renew my season tickets next year under this card system. Do we scalp our tickets? No. When we can't go to a game we GIVE them to students who have not been to a game, community volunteers as a thank you, or real Jayhawk fans in our neighborhood who cannot afford the price of a ticket - or can't get one. I would say that is how most of my KU colleagues "scalp" their tickets as well. Lots of goodwill down the drain for KU. Good move.

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

It's a business. They have the right to do what they want. Luckily I don't have to support it or get into a drama debating the pros and cons of choice.

I do plan to cancel my membership, not beat them up for their politics I happen to disagree with. I do support their right to say it - I'm just not paying for it is all.

My dollar is my vote in this republic. I can withdraw it from businesses I don't like and use it to buy fairly traded merchandise or whatever I think is good use of my resources. I don't think lecturing them one way or another will raise the level of debate one iota.

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Pastors condemn attack

Thank you!

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