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Lawrence police search house in 500 block of Locust

I'm going to have my kid go outside and give me updates from his cell phone. Also, I hope he takes out his binoculars and tells me what he can see from up close.

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James Naismith among 8 Wonders of Kansas People

Don't forget Kirstie Alley and Don Johnson!

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Haskell student arrested for rape, among other charges

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

I would go to each and every one of his friends' house. First, I would apologize that I'm going to ransack their house, but my son is missing. Then, I would proceed to search their house, every nook and cranny, leaving no stone untouched!

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Lawrence police searching for suspect in theft from pharmacy

Fentanyl is roughly 100x stronger than morphine, if that makes it any clearer. This dude knew what he was doing.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas


Your son played for KU? He was number 65? I'm trying to remember him. Was he the one that used to pretend he was hurt all the time? He would lay on the field for awhile, and then limp off with assistance from the trainers? I used to always see him at the Wheel after the games.

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Fashion statement: KU junior Aldrich just fine without front, left tooth

I have a hockey friend that got his two front teeth knocked out by a hockey puck. You have to be on your toes when you go out with him, though. He has a retainer with teeeth on them, and if you're not paying attention, he'll take them out and drop them in your drink. So, when you go to take a drink......nasty!!!

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Haskell freshman dies in Montana jail

Because he was a Native American, and they get treated differently in that part of the country. If he would have been a white man, he would have gotten the treatment he was requesting.

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Haskell freshman dies in Montana jail

being half Native American (on my mom's side), and having plenty of relatives living on the reservations in South Dakota, it's obvious to see, and rather sad to see the amount of racism that goes on up there towards the Native American people. It is common place, and somewhat disgusting to see what is said to the Native Americans, how they are treated, and how they are sit on a back burner.

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Sweet Home Lawrence

I like all the chain resaturants and anti-american retail stores. I'm not mentioning any names.

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