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Lawyers want charges dropped

"You folks should remember that it is the obligation of a defence lawyer to provide the best possible legal arguments for the accused.

Whenver you seek to limit the ability of one attorney in one case to do that you are limiting your own rights as well.

Think about it and let the system do its job.



I often don't agree with your views, but I am with you on this one. Let the system do its job.

And (because I can't resist the jab) please notice smitty that no one got beat or shot by LPD.

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Forget trafficway

I mean that we (or should I say "I") voted for a 32d street SLT. That's why that bridge is there. Build the road.

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Temperatures to fall into the 30s overnight

I just went outside and it was raining.

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KU Athletics linked to party where fight began


Close, but no cigar, although my little baby sister worked at the sanctuary as a bartender. I spent some time there with Ace. I did do some door work at bullwinkle's after it became the billy spears country playhouse. We had the same owner, and it wasn't billy.

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KU Athletics linked to party where fight began


Nope. More years ago than that. Think Harry Sidney and Franklin King.

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Sex ed concern

Good point

I often wonder why I am here. You know what, maybe we should start a philosopy asking that question. Oh, wait, there are already several hundred of them.

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Nuclear bully


You can't "make" your kids serve, they either do or don't. I'm 5th generation military (my dad has all of our HONORABLE discharge papers framed on his wall), but my sons will or won't.

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Where is justice?

""We should then kick out ALL those with european backgrounds and return the land to the natives we took it from in the 1800's.....""

I think this would be a great idea. Now, where is it we should put everybody? Should I be put back in Ireland, Scotland, or maybe be allowed to live here because my great-great-great grandmother was a Commanche?

Got a plan, genius?

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Sex ed concern

Funny thing about sex-ed

My dad was born 8 months after my grandparents married.

I was born a year after my parents married.

My first son was born 4 years after I married (and we had lived together for 2 years before that.)

The difference? More knowledge about sex.

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Healthy eating

Or, "Get out of bed and make your lunch."

My mother still tells my father that.

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