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Outraged, Obama tries to prevent AIG bonuses

RIF them, and sic the IRS on them.

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Outraged, Obama tries to prevent AIG bonuses

Oh, they are talented. Well, there are a lot of talented people getting laid off from other companies, because of this recession that poor business decisions by AIG helped to create. They would probably work for a lot less. Isn't that how capitalism works? Supply and demand, baby. And how many loyal hard working secretaries and aides are getting laid off, so these guys can hold on to their second nanny and trophy wives? What a crime. They'll only earn 10 million this year, instead of 20. Give me a frackin break.

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Class envy

rrussell, I couldn't have said it better. Hardworking people are tired of being considered a liability instead of an asset to a company. I work hard and have never been fired from a job, only left for better pay and benefits. You can't tell me these executives at the banks and AIG didn't know that they were making bad decisions which would look good in the short run, but really bad in the long run. Can someone tell me why they deserve bonuses in the millions? Because they are smart enough to rip off people? I don't envy the criminal class, thank you very much.

As for Rush, he's an entertainer, period. Lots of entertainers get paid more than they are worth, but he should stay out of the Republican party, because he'll only hurt them.

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K.C. archbishop defends his criticism of Sebelius

Excellent point, Defender. They should stay out of politics or pay taxes. No more special treatment for religions that make even 1 statement about politics.

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Religion driving people away

When religions start moving into the field of politics, they always suffer. For example, for years the Russian Orthodox Church supported and profited from the rules of the tsars. The people couldn't rely on the church to bring about democratic reforms, because they were getting rich from the royalty, so the people turned to communism. Maybe if the church had either stayed out of it or promoted reform, there would have been a different outcome. When people like us who believe in the love and forgiveness taught by Jesus and other prophets look at how some have exploited believers and pushed hateful agendas, then of course we turn away from organized religion. You don't have to belong to a church to be a moral person. You don't even have to believe in God to be moral. I know many moral, responsible atheists.

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K.C. archbishop defends his criticism of Sebelius

This article demonstrates why there is a drop in US citizens who claim to be affiliated with any religion. We are not a Catholic nation, so get over it. Stay out of politics, and look to the morality of your priests and nuns. No wonder they got away with the sex crimes for so long. They are too busy passing judgement on other people. Stop throwing stones, jerk.

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Insurance giant paying out $165M in bonuses

Does anyone belong to a tax payers group? Maybe they should file suit and freeze the assets of all these people. Actually the US government should do that, but if they haven't got the guts, a citizen's group should do it. Take these people to court. They took taxpayer's money, they work for us now.

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Insurance giant paying out $165M in bonuses

Why do losers get bonuses? I thought they were for people who were successful. What arrogance! Can those who always support these corporate, so-called successes, try and justify this? I think you'll probably suffer back problems trying to twist this into "they work hard, they deserve it". They work hard at ripping off people. Throw them in jail for stealing public money.

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Police: Arrest made after pit bull threat

Phogfan86 (Anonymous) says…
Why are these two losers' names not included in the article?

The LJW does not give names until they are formally charged with a crime in court, not just booked into jail for a crime. They won't be formally charged until next week during court business hours.

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Are you going to the St. Patrick’s Day parade?

I try to never miss a parade in Lawrence. They are such community building events. Noise, how some people choose to use their personal or vacation days at their jobs is their business, not yours. You must be a real fun person to be around.

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