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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

You are right, GMom05. The Wakarusa decision was demonstrably wrong.

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School board cooling on consolidation plan

We all need to take a deep breath and give the new board an opportunity to earn our trust. The old battle lines have been erased. There's no reason yet to start drawing new ones. If this issue continues to be a political football, we'll never get anywhere.

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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

School siting decisons profoundly impact future development patterns, and closing schools often leads to blight. Why on earth isn't the school district working with the city on capital decisions? Does the district believe it's above planning? The city's long-range planning documents clearly favor adaptive re-use and preservation of the core, not sprawl. Why was the district working at cross purposes with those goals? Why has the district summarily dismissed school renovation and add-on options? Let's hope the new board places stewardship of the old on a level playing field with construction of the new. Please nudge them in that direction, working group.

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Divisive task

Or corporate bologna.

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Divisive task

Watching the WG in action makes you appreciate how great it is to live in a town like Lawrence. They disagree passionately but always are respectful to one another. They all bring different backgrounds and expertise to the process, but no one dominates the discussion. Dr. Doll also deserves credit for his hard work and devotion. Great work everyone.

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Alas, that is how capitalism used to work. Today, capitalism so often means Goldman Sachs creating cow derivatives with a money blender, lobbying the SEC to let them drive up prices by selling billions worth of the junk to institutional investors, insuring themselves against loss when the cow bubble inevitably bursts, and then leaving it to taxpayers and pensioners to clean up their mess.

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

Exactly. And that is testament to how broken things are right now. School administration and local government officials should be REQUIRED by law to coordinate their efforts when it comes to capital improvements. Take a look at the city's land use plan sometime--it is utterly incompatible with the direction in which the school board is trying to push us. And you wonder why people are so cynical about government.

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

Well, I guess we'll all see precisely where the swing vote stands, won't we. Has anyone caught any signals from her yet?

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

Who cares if we have no clear idea where we are going. What matters is that we are reaching consensus on the path we want to take to get there. The new school board has dutifully accepted its “consolidation” marching orders from the old board. Central and eastside schools have selflessly agreed to sacrifice at least two of their own on the altar of progress. And, with the clock winding down, there is one detailed consolidation plan now on the table for consideration. With so much consensus in the air, why wait? Let the consultants do a quick run of the numbers. Let the school board take a perfunctory vote. Let the capital campaign begin. And let the chips fall where they may.

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Time winding down for working group's school consolidation recommendations

Very interesting indeed, Former Tiger. Has the district been cherry-picking research? Doesn't that call into question all the data they've supplied, too? Still waiting to see the district's data and analysis on the impacts of the Wakarusa "consolidation". Past performance is the best indicator of future results.

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