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Do you own a bicycle?

I don't mind bikes,
I don't mind cars
I don't mind pedestrians,


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Gaslight Village community forced to find new homes

I was relocated to Brookwood 3.5 weeks ago.

The Mobile homes that can be moved are being done on Mondays & Wednesdays. Once your home has been inspected and deemed movable you have a couple days to pack all your stuff into a box truck provided to you by budget rentals, which you pay for upfront submit the reciepts to Lori/Amanda and get reimbursed for or provide your own place to store/tote your things once your home is moved. While your home is being set up with tornado straps brand new siding and getting electric, water and sewer hooked up you will be staying in a hotel paid for by the Horners. Only bad thing to the hotel is that if you bring your pets you pay the pet fee. Typically it takes 3 days before you can get back in your home and start unpacking and whatever else little things like phone & cable hooked up. Depending on your homes age you may be given a time frame to paint and fix things that need fixing on the outside of your home. Mine in particular needed painting.

The water was indeed off for around 4 hours day before yesterday. I was told that it was due to a home being moved in and damage done to water pipes... I was also told that there was water at the office if I brought jugs.

NO ONE is being forced to find other housing. The lady in this article should have stayed in her home until June or signed her home over to the office so that she isn't paying double rents. Had I not wanted to relocate I was told I could sign my home over and be paid in June if I found something I had to sign a lease for right now, and could not stay until June.

Mobile Homes are not any more trashy than the rest of this town. Only difference is that the city doesn't clean up after mobile home parks like they do over a bunch of drunk college kids on Mass street. The Mobile homes OWNER needs to make their home look good, same as with any home, saying Lori/Horners should make our places look good, is like saying the city should make every house in town look good, It is up to the person that owns whatever building to make it look good!

I choose to buy a mobile home for the fact that section 8 landlords are worse slum lords than what the college kids have to deal with! Also they are real easy to tear down make a couple hundred off the aluminum,copper and brass and move on if your neighbors are a-holes!

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Ceremony honors those who help make difference in community

Awesome job Jim, You are totally deserving of this award!!!

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School closings to still be addressed

If closing Wakarusa would have actually saved money or brought about the desired results I could see considering closing or consolidating. However the school board should see closing Wakarusa is what has made the other schools overcrowded and understaffed. Closing or consolidating is not going to make anything better. I am a Pinckney mom, but not because I am supposed to be in that schools area. I transferred my child close to my job, so I could have lunch with my child and be close in the event anything happens while my child is at school needing me to be at the school. Anyone can apply for a transfer, so boundary changes don't really matter, I seriously doubt I am the only parent that was allowed to transfer. Focus needs to be on updating the buildings we have, Not putting moremoney into developers pockets. If new buildings do happen, at least consider keeping the money here in Lawrence, and hire someone local!!! Also, I drive my child to school, but several moms and dads I know, are already at work by the time their children walk to school, they walk because the moms/dads have found sitters close enough that are willing to walk with their kids, sometimes being close is a blessing. Another classmates mom walks because her car was hit by a drunk driver and she cannot afford to buy a new one or to have hers replaced, being 4 blocks from school has been a life saver for her.

USD497 I invite you to spend the day in the life of any school, talk to us parents and then make a decision.

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Girl Scouts change cookie tactics

Habitat for Humanity ReStore @ 708 Connecticut Street has agreed to a Girl Scout Cookie Booth on Saturday January 21st from 11am to 2pm. Cookies are $3.50 a box.

*As a mother to a scout, I agree that the troops do not get much in the way of money, however the kids learn several lessons, and most of them are not learned selling cookies. They are forming friendships and learning to help each each other!*

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Bomb squad removes object from Lawrence woman's deck

Good question?

Why was this not reported with other New Years Eves events?

I live a couple spaces down and was just coming back from camping at jellystone, and was directed to keep kids inside. They never once let on to what was going on. Heard via another neighbor that it was a bomb of some sort. Spent 3 days looking at LJWORLD to get more information, yet never saw anything. We have some good pictures of cop cars and bomb truck, glad to see this paper finally reporting it!

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

She knew she was doing wrong. If it was to protect her children, from seeing her arrested, why were all 3 not shoved in the attic???

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Power returns to more than 5,000 Westar customers affected by Friday afternoon outage

cait48... My brother has an ice chest that plugs into his vehicles battery outlet/cigarette lighter. He uses this during power outages for his insulin. Might be an option for you. He lives in Arizona and they suffer through power outages there too.

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Hey, $#%&, you missed

Walkers-bicyclists & motorists ALL need to learn to SHARE the road. doesnt matter why the person/s choose to walk, bike or drive, the roads are for all of us, and people need to pay attention to their surroundings regardless of their mode of transportation.

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Over 4 yearsago, I was homeless with a 2 month old daughter.

Even in these rough times, there is no excuse to be homeless in Lawrence, Kansas. Unless of course you choose to be.

Is it easy? Hell no. You have to want better. I pestered people at the workforce center to no end, to get me a job. I cared less doing what, so long as it could get my daughter into a home!

As for not showering... Why not? theres free showers and the supplies at South Park, and at Holcolm Park... So if its just a shower holding you back from gaining a job, go take one.

No clean clothes? Holcolm Park, and Salvation Army have laundry facilities.
No clothes to wash? Social Service League will give you a bag of clothes a day, and Penn House will give you 2 bags a day... SRS has funds for job searchers to obtain up to 50.00 on new clothes. Theres also My Sisters Closet at Penn House that has clothing for after you get the job.

Housing Authority, Pelathe, Family Promise, and one other agency can help you obtain temporary, emergancy and permenant housing. If all else fails, you can get bus passes from several places in town, and camp for free at douglas county lake, and if you agree to help clean up, clinton lake will give you 14 days at a time. if you are fortunate enough to have a vehicle, theres 3 other camping spots connected to clinton lake that you can go to.
Some say what about food? Well LINK and Jubilee serve food. Salvation Army still serves food, and Just Food, Ballard Center, Penn House, Leo Center, First Baptist, Trinity Espiscopal all have food banks...

As for the people with mental health issues, and vets, there is Bert Nash, Eckan and the VA that can provide help, any time they are willing to go get it.

I NEVER once panhandled, or used my daughter as an excuse to ask for money. There is no reason to panhandle.

Be human and help yes, but dont just give out money for cigarettes, booze, drugs etc. go buy some groceries, or diapers... remove the bar code, or use a red marker so they cant turn it in for money. Stop enabling them to stay homeless, enable them to help themselves into a better life style.

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