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Pair of traffic calming projects — including a blue light at traffic signals — set for city

the one at 23rd & Louisiana was operating last night. I got gas at BP and wondered what it was. its up top near where the cameras are usually mounted, no where near the red/yellow/green.

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Letter: Food stamps vital

You can buy pop, bottled, canned, fountains. You can also buy certain energy drinks so long as they say nutritional supplement. I don't agree that cutting funding for food stamps is good, but the abuse of food stamps is over whelming.

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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

If you know there are certain lights that take longer in the direction you want to go... Leave a little earlier or take an alternate route?

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

Yet nobody cares if children are home schooled by parents that didn't even finish middle school. You have got to love Kansas!

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Sound Off: Reporting texters

Last week I was at a red light, it turns green and we are still sitting there... you can plainly see that the driver in front of me holding up traffic is texting. I normally don't honk, I give the person time to pay attention, however this day I had to use the ladies room something fierce, so I honked! He goes to flip me the bird, and can't even flip me the bird because his damn cell phone is glued to his hand, he couldn't even put his phone down to give an impatient person an actual middle finger salute! Cell phones should utilize some type of GPS signal that puts them into airplane mode (unable to send/receive calls/texts) while they are moving.

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Conservatives changing state government

I was under the impression that there already is a 5 year limit to getting welfare benefits... However I have never seen it being enforced.


Note: Families can only get TANF for 48 months in a lifetime. You may not use your cash benefits to purchase alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets.

It is actually only 4 years...

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Do you think it would be a good idea for Kansas to legalize marijuana?

Seriously... Why does it matter if it is legalized or not? Those wanting to smoke it already do.

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Lawrence man suffers severe head injuries in motorcycle accident

R.I.P. Best wishes to your family. I didn't know you that well or for that long but you were an AMAZING father!

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State board discusses home-schooling requirements

I feel home shooling can be a great thing for the kids. It would allow them more time with their families and people that truly care about them. It would also eliminate the bullying. However like with most good things, there is always a bad... My niece who got pregnant at 14 because her mom kept her at home to clean house and cook and "home schooled" her is now trying to home school her 3 boys and she doesn't even have a high school diploma. Maybe she could teach them up until 7th grade where she dropped out, but what then? As long as the parents have some regulations like high school diploma, monthly/yearly evaluations on campus so that the "child" is actually the one taking the test to prove they are learning and penalties applied so that the children aren't just built in sitters, homemakers would be great ideas. It should be a parents choice yes, but it should also be "for the childs best interest".

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Heat doesn't squelch Party in the Park

Dunk tank was 5 balls for 3 dollars. Duck pond was 10 tickets for 5 dollars. only thing FREE was the bounce house. EVERYTHING else you had to pay for.

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