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Retired Lawrence biology teacher Stan Roth to be inducted into Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame

Mr. Roth was my favorite high school teacher. I loved the tests during which we moved from seat to seat, looking in different microscopes, etc. Congratulations, Mr. Roth, on this well-deserved honor!

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Firebird frenzy: Free State advances to playoffs with win

Congratulations Free State! Way to go, Big Green!

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Knocking off No. 1

I am a HUGE KU fan and I will admit that the Wildcats are good this year ~ and congratulate them for knocking off Texas. :-) Hi, Kirsten and Connor!

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When do you hang your Christmas lights?

I put ours up Sat., for the most part, also because it was nice outside. We like to have a family "lighting ceremony" on Thanksgiving evening much like the Plaza lighting ceremony in KC. ;-)

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Firebirds’ Caron chosen for volleyball all-star game

congratulations Chantay! and all the players from Free State and Lawrence High that were mentioned. ...interesting fact about the serve percentage stats... LHS's player cited as first with 100% serving accuracy (never once mising a serve!) had 29 serves total listed for the year - the least in the top ten. Free State's Wyatt (5th) had 365 serves for the year - the most in the top ten. Go Katelyn! :-)

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FSHS volleyball 2-1, LHS 1-2 at quad

I agree volleydad! Both teams played great at times, not so great at others, but neither team quit... the match mattered to the players, coaches and fans. LHS is off to a great start in their season at 12-6 and Free State is fighting hard and being very competitive. ...looking forward watching both teams finish strong!

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FSHS volleyball 2-1, LHS 1-2 at quad

Honestly - Is this the best we can get as far as coverage of Free State vs LHS volleyball? This is the city rivalry. This is the match between LHS, who has already received major coverage for having returning players who worked out together this summer, for "sweeping" a quad, etc and Free State , who has gotten squat in the the press. Where is the mention of the World cup point? Would it have taken LHS winning for this "article" to have been interesting or exciting? Come on LJWorld - a little love for the "other" hometown 6A team! Way to go Free State for playing with intensity and heart despite missing two key players due to injury and illness. Way to go Chantay, Marissa, Alex, Meaghan, Mariah, Adele, Reilly and Katelyn. Thanks for your help, Paige. We missed you Clare and Rachel. Go Firebirds!

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Henry picks Memphis

I agree with firebird27... I liked that he thought of his family watching his brother and him together... I have to say that I agree with logicsound04, too, though... that last comment was a little too arrogant.

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Is Chucky Hunter the best Free State football player of all-time?

I disagree cato... the diviseness is a decision by people to be separate instead of pulling together, to be "poor me" instead of counting the positives... to maintain an us versus them attitude... a "named" school and "that other school". There is room in this town for 2 schools, maybe more, with winning traditions and athletic excellence... let alone excellence in academics, performing arts, etc... Look on the bright side... someone is always winning something around here! :-)

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Is Chucky Hunter the best Free State football player of all-time?

You have "tradition" when something happens repeatedly, ie more than once or twice... to say that LHS is the only high school in Lawrence with "tradition(s)" on their side is absolutely ridiculous. As is the idea that LHS is the only high school in Lawrence with meaningful athletic success. Good grief! Free State volleyball 2004 (seniors who graduated in 2005) signed 4 girls to Div. 1 teams and 1 or 2 more to smaller colleges... that is a drop in the bucket of Free State athletic success and a small part of the winning traditions established there. I've enjoyed watching Chucky Hunter very much, along with several of the other players mentioned here and it hasn't stopped me from appreciating players from what we call the "other school" ~ LHS....This year I cheered on Free State Cross Country and never failed to yell Go LHS or Lions when one of their runners came by... I was impressed with Roy Wedge and the rest of the LHS team. I have to say that I never once heard an LHS parent cheer for a Free State runner - not that it didn't happen, but I never heard it... I think it's past time to end the divisiveness and the belief that somehow Free State ruined LHS athletics... get over it and let the students keep up the good work competing for what I hope to be many more accomplishments at each school.

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