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Simons' Saturday Column: Menards again reveals city’s stunted retail thinking

I don't agree with you on this. Olathe and Topeka are perfect examples of what happens when developers go unchecked. In Topeka; Lowes, Home Depot, and Menards are all about a mile away from each other. While on the east side of town development is going backwards. There are pockets of the city where it is just abandoned building after abandoned building. Olathe is the same way. Everything is so spread out it takes forever to get anywhere. Revitalization of areas is a much better way of developing a city.

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KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

In order to have second hand smoke be a killer you must be in a confined space with it. Junk food is more of a killer than second hand smoke could ever wish to be. Based on your defense of the junk food, the well being of your fellow man is not behind your comments. Perhaps you enjoy the junk food and don't want it taken away from you.

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KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

All this does is screw over the teachers. The students go in and out of campus often. Plus the students are only around for a few years, the teachers spend careers there.

There are plenty of other ways to tell people how to live their lives. How about banning sugary drinks, candy, junk food, caffeine, headphones, cellphones, gas powered vehicles, diesel powered vehicles, the list can go on. These are all things that have proven to harm people.

Why nicotine?

Because it's popular to protest and has a small following.

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