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Southern Kansas man catches mountain lion on camera

Mountain Lions have been seen many many times in the Baker Wetlands (the real ones) near Baldwin City for decades. Footprints have been found, and like many who keep quiet, my wife and I saw one a few years ago. No, we had to tell the DNR folks, this Mountain Lion was bounding across a newly cut hayfiled with his (or her) eyes on a huge buck. We were 100 yards aways.

Of course, we were told we saw a large house cat, or bobcat. This cat had a long tail and with each bound had the animal going higher than the deer it was chasing.

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Popular Breakout KC business to locate in Lawrence; city commissioners face questions on Eldridge Hotel tax break

Recently moved to another area and had to return to Lawrence last month. Had no problem booking a room, even got a nice rate at the Eldridge.

Any NCAA Division One school as KU situated in a smaller city is going to always have problems with enough hotel rooms. Only on game days or special events though. Try Lubbock when the Texas Tech team plays for instance.

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Opinion: Trump falls short on foreign policy

Ronnie invaded the Middle East? In 1980. I think he later invaded Libya for about 2 minutes for killing our servicemen in a cowardly disco bombing. Oh, during the two minutes the USN put a missile in Libya's leaders swimming pool and destroyed their air-force.

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

At one time the third most powerful man on Earth, Senator Robert Dole.

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

Have made it a pleasurable habit of looking at older and newer schools built all over the country as I travel. Often leave the vehicle to walk around and take photos. *Some of these old schools were monuments to education from the community responsible for all educational decisions.

somebody wrote....It struck me as odd that the contractors had torn down the then-existing metal fence, and left the construction site wide open........ Try this when your town is spending clearly local monies. Bet waste as this never happened.

No expert, but began noticing 60-120 year old schools held up very well in comparison to newer buildings some 2 years old. Especially the brick and cement works. Some of these included buildings in cold weather areas of our nation. Which experts claim nowadays ruins cement. My high school gym 110 years old has had cement floors which have never been replaced.

On the other hand noticed a new school in Lawrence (other areas too) replacing concrete a couple of years after being built. Same with roads. The Lawrence school I'm referring to actually had concrete turn to an almost sandy composition.

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Two 18-year-olds charged with attempted aggravated robbery; other two suspects in Wednesday pursuit are juveniles

John, Bingo! Yet many folks who claim we need more anti gun laws fail to see this law. They fail to see it due to it not being used in our courts.

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Farmer faced legal issues over unpaid income taxes while he ran for Lawrence City Commission in 2013; did not disclose

Dorothy, I certainly agree with you. A non profit employee making 60K and I assume he had good benefits to boot. Sounds like he didn't pay many day to day expenses either.

In retirement my life partner and I look to do some good for our fellow man/women. Not Lawrencians anymore, but see the same thing here as with Just Food. Perhaps worse. It seems more and more people just want cash. Others are extremely happy to have services and tangible items. Loose bookkeeping plus cash is a recipe for theft. Especially in hard times, cash seems to bring the worst out of some folks.

Not scientific, but it seems the real hardcore charities, which we define by how many paid employees they have are often the groups which accept all donations. Hardcore defined as putting real effort into the charity. Often they keep paid employees to the minimum.

So, in agreement Dorothy, no more cash and we will deal with hauling food items, student backpacks, and all the other things folks need. We also found a cool way to give is find out young families needing a leg up and without giving our names pay their electric bills. Churches are a great place to learn names and addresses.

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Lawrence City Commission to act next week on naming mayor, filling vacant seat

Maybe it would be best for Lawrence to simply do the Chicago thing. Most of Chicago, including many middle to low middle class neighborhoods are crime free, trains work, roads are in excellent shape, police are happy, schools are fine, and actually pretty nice place to live.

Chicago simply ignores the corrupt government as the cost for the above.

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Just Food board delays answering questions or providing documents about agency

Yes, what do these board folks do? Sure seem like a group who could give advice on taxes, if asked. I did have the pleasure of listening to a plea for money from Farmer 3 years ago.

Normally our guest speakers are directly from United Way. My memory is long and remember the United Way salary scandal from years ago. Have worked with them recently and feel they have changed their ways.

Farmer's talk 3 years ago went way over the time limit, and if memory serves mentioned cash donations so often it became offensive. Cash/Check, but no food. Money, money money. Yes, he is a talented speaker.

In fairness, I've heard this food pantry speech several times now from many organizations. It seems the agency purchases food items more cheaply than we plebeians can. On the other hand, it seems to me having actual food donations works well too.

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

Please remove Public Servant from all dictionaries. The concept is dead. Bill and Hillary Clinton when leaving office....We just don't know what to do, we are broke. Yes, The Great Pres. Ron and all others have enjoyed the benefits of a post presidential life.

So, why try to hide the facts?


When did small town mayors with little real power begin the money grab? Oh, a question. What in the world was going on in Washington needing hizzhonor?

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