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Trump says he won't stay off social media; Republican senator says Trump should 'stop the chaos'

Frankie Roosevelt used the radio chat a radical new technology back in the 1930s-40s successfully getting his message to the people. FDR's message to the people was free from media distortions. Good or bad, Trump has found a way to get his message out.

A tip o hat to him....

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Letter to the editor: Monumental insult

I first attended my first football game at Memorial in 1979. Love the college came then, and now. Fresh from U of Wisconsin and routinely watching 89K drunken fans cheer on miserable football teams. My initial thoughts were how unique Memorial was. My feeling then as now Memorial is a perfect stadium for KU.

I always thought about the legendary track where so many legends performed. Gone now for who knows why. The idea of so much money being spent is beyond my comprehension. Especially when KU never sells out. The Chicago Cubs spend money trying to keep a unique sporting field looking 1920ish. Some KU officials want to re-make a gorgeous sporting environment.

Want to win football games KU, follow the Marshall U. or OHIO U. formula. Recruit locals (2.5 million metro area+ Wichita) with potential, use past players to attract others, then coach the heck out of them. Cheap tickets, promote, and be happy with 40K crowds.

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Trump ridicules female TV host's looks, calls her crazy; Kansas congresswoman objects

I know of no American ever whom has taken so many cheap shots as Trump. Yet, he should have used more self control on this issue.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Pretty much all my life have worked, and donated time to assist young adults learn how to read. Oh, have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes as well.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Jim, As much as I despised seeing our nation bashed publicly, meaningless agendas, damaging regulations on top of already in place laws, never did I wish for our nation to fail.

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After threat and weeks of teasing, Trump finally says he didn't record meetings with Comey

President Trump does have faults. One of which is his rather immature way of dealing with criticism. In the leaker Comey case President Trump knows he's completely innocent and simply having some fun at the expense of those who try to bring him down.

In other words, at the end of all this, Trump will have proved what a waste of time this witch hunt has been. My bet is Former FBI Director "The Man" Comey needed to change his Fruit of the Looms after hearing Trump mention audio tape. Really not fair picking on Comey with his squeamish stomach problems, and poor eyesight. Yes, poor peepers...he didn't see anything Hillary could be indited for after listing 45 infractions.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

After 6 decades experincing American politics I sense something I've never witnessed. Even during the Ronnie R. years. I was watching President Trump, yes President Trump as our duly elected leader announce massive changes being made to the Veterans Administration. Long overdue I may add.

Never witnessed.... American citizens hoping our president would fail. The media is full of Trump hate, including anything he or his administration does. Anti-Trump in cases like improving the V.A. is indeed pushing for our fine men and women who served to suffer even more.

Just think, the Democratic Party is wondering why they are losing elections.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

If only this point, only this issue, this is truly an abomination by the Dems. Fighting school choice. School Choice! The only way without allowing federal assistance for religious based support programs in the inner city which will make any difference.
To Bernie........
Many folks do not realize, a poor inner city youth earning a B- C+ ave. taking moderate college bound courses, and does some scholarship legwork do qualify for a free college education. Ask any high school guidance counselor.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

The media, controlling the polling are trying to use polls to create an illusion of a narrative the media wants to happen...thus create a lie. Excellent point!

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Just a few years ago the Democratic Party was riding high. I actually thought the Dems were going to dominate Congress, and have an easy time winning the White House. For decades.

But....they forgot the smaller unions, the working people, and indeed flyover county. Instead replacing this base with tiny subgroups, anti-Americanism, and even open talk of Socialism. Dems are now viewed by many as either a drunken confused party leader or a elderly Congressperson shouting "We gonna Peach Trump." The face of dems 2017.. hooded thugs breaking windows, and Hollywood Limolibs goofs spewing nonsense.

No new ideas, obstructionists are how many of us view the party.

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