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Battle lines being drawn over school district 'realignment' bill

Example, not too long ago it was a goal to have a televsion/vhs/dvd player in every classroom. What happened to those, since classes now use computer monitors? Not writing about overflow tvs, but hundreds.

One the third disagreed point, laws will have to change. I can make a great argument some IEP students would do better socially, and learn at a much higher rate being segregated. Not all by any means, but some.

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Free State to host student discussion on race and the Confederate flag

No controversy, just remembered a very dedicated and busy man spending hours and hours of his own time in getting the program started. Charles deserved a little bit of press.

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Free State to host student discussion on race and the Confederate flag

My how we forget. Which is ironic, I have forgotten the dedicated security officer's last name who helped found Can We Talk at Free State in 2006. His first name was Charles and worked with Dr. Joe S. and the Free State WIT Committee. This committee was made up of about 15 volunteer faculty members.

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Battle lines being drawn over school district 'realignment' bill

Good or bad, we are now paying the piper for so many silly regulations. Of course we should look at changing districts, see below. We are going broke over rising educational costs.

Districts were set up in a time where Supers didn't make 3 times more money than anybody else in the area. ***check the benefits of our public servants...

A time when Supers didn't have assistants, to assist these assistants, principals with assistants. Where school buses drove hundreds of dead end pickup routes, or when students were expected to have eaten and bathed before school.

A time when common sense overcame concepts as teaching 75 languages in a larger districts, to having certified athletic training staff at practices and games. Common sense in staffing IEP students needs. A question?

Is it good for an exceptional child to have a one on one para professional often including times before and after school? Put a calculator to this semi modern form of problem solving. Teacher asst. working 9 hours plus with one student. Then multiply this by 10 or 20 per school. Simply put, are we maximizing the potential of our most complicated students by providing them with an adult whom assures the student will never function at an independent level.

The answer my friend is easy to answer. Ask about what happens to these exceptional children after graduation. Many just get on another bus the next year to attend some training program. This begs the question what were they doing for 13 or more years in public school?

I still volunteer time with these exceptional youths, but find it shocking how little they have learned about semi independent real life.

A time where district warehouses are stocked full of failed technology equipment, replaced by the newest under studied gadgets. VHS still work, televisions still work, overhead projectors still work, yet there are literally thousands stockpiled nowadays.

Hundreds to thousands of students from talented techies, to those who wish to work with exceptional students can and should be put to use in keeping our schools costs down by providing services. Good for the givers, good for the needy, good for the taxpayer.

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Two accidental shootings in less than a week; police advise gun owners to use caution

If a gun owner/shooter follows one simple rule there would never ever ever be an accident. Never point the working end of a gun where you don't want the projectile to go. Never do it, and you will never have an accident. This includes gun cleaning, accuracy adjustments, or just aiming.

I see folks not following this rule in gun shops, in the field, and unfortunately in the home.

Safety rule one...always consider every gun loaded.

....Oh, I agree with Terry, there are no accidental shootings, only negligence...

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Kansas officials protesting possible Guantanamo closing

The men and women of Leavenworth Fed. Prison (fellow Kansans) took the brunt of the Jimmy Carter deal with Castro. Not many remember a soft hearted couple of politician allowed Castro to dump his mentally ill criminals on the gorgeous beaches of S. Florida. (Ole Jimmy Carter again)

Those who do remember are the guards who are daily abused by some of these monsters.

Google the abuse these prisoners have done to our fellow Kansans, yet we wish to house even more.

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Lawrence Superintendent Rick Doll announces resignation

Marty Kobza would be a outstanding choice.

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Lawrence school board opposes shooting range near school; planning commission to vote Monday

Back in the day........1970s...........I had a shotgun and pistol in dorm room, high schools had shooting teams, colleges too, rifles were hung in pickup trucks in school parking lots......all legal, no problems.

Ummmm is it the guns, or the lack of human worth change in society?

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KU, Pitt State respond to questions about speaking fees to host former U.S. President Bill Clinton

ummm, if there's a dime in public money, then your argument is mute.

..sometimes it is good to hear different points of view. Especially at ages 18-2 somethings. Wish KU had few voices from the right from time to time.

In 1976 a Mr. Ronald Reagan accepted a (paid? non paid?) chance of speaking at my university. A large state school many many miles from Lawrence. The poor fellow was met with angry chants, and eggs tossed his way while walking to the podium. Memory as clear as a bell, one of the eggs hit Gov. Reagan's rather large body guard. Nothing done, but remember thinking bad bad bad idea.

By the time Ronnie finished what I can only say was indeed a private talk with each of us, I grew up a bit. I slowly began looking at other political views, without automatically following like Lemmings doing the cliff dive. Mr. Reagan had indeed turned the crowd into a hushed and polite group even giving him a slight ovation as he left. He made sense.

Didn't change my mind, I voted for Carter.

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