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Faces of the uninsured: five years later

plaque removal, and a checkup are not the reasons Canadians or other non citizens flock to the U.S.

Complicated surgeries, life extending cancer programs, the list is endless. Actually, Canadians flock to our clinics for substance abuse programs which really work.

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Faces of the uninsured: five years later

I disagree wholeheartedly. We will certainly regret ripping the finest medical program in the world apart. KaPow! Granting power to people who can't even deliver a letter without massive financial aid. The postal service a monopoly too.

John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic (s) U. of Michigan Med., Wisconsin Med., a few just to mention and all the specialized clinics serving almost everybody. Research go bye bye.

MDs leaving the field over the heavy handed govt regulations. What for? Really, for what? With the massive financial support we could have insured all, no problemo.

Hardly mentioned is the fact patients from Canada to Guam pray to come here for medical procedures. Not anymore.

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Police: Two arrested after swinging chain, raising fist at officers

He enters Rome like a conquering hero. But what has he conquered?
My name is Gladiator
We who are about to die, salute you!

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Work to build trafficway through Baker Wetlands to begin this week

Which by the way I honor, I honor our original peoples of American, matters little to me if they are South American, or Canadian.

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Work to build trafficway through Baker Wetlands to begin this week

Lawrence the present size has far far far more crime due mainly to "welcome here" attitude. Probably should thank the KU Social Work Dept. for this gift, which is giving more and more lately.

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Work to build trafficway through Baker Wetlands to begin this week

Jennette, Native Americans to me are anybody who can trace ancestry back to no immigration.

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Work to build trafficway through Baker Wetlands to begin this week

More than a fare share of workers on this much needed highway will be Native American. Take a drive by the work being done now, today, and tell me if you disagree.

Sometimes the regional hypocrisy astounds me. Oh, I'm wrongo? I forgot, not the correct Native Americans for this issue, oh I get it. Not.

Those Native Americans are OK for agricultural/housing protests, but not for construction issues. Man, libs should hand out scorecards, hard to tell anymore. Protest for freedom, protest for restrictive freedom leaching regulations, protest for government intervention, good ole libs have lost their way.
BillyBobs Construction = Good pay, no minimum wage problems on this project either. If you're willing to get dirty and work. Hard honest good paying work too. With bennies out the yingyang.

Plus they hire minorities, all based on job skills. BillyBobs would hire a potato if the veggie could make a modern CAT 414E (Air Conditioned) Skip-loader do the dirt dance for 12 hours.

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Lawrence prepares for full takeover of troubled virtual high school

Not all kiddos fit in a square hole, some are triangles, some are rectangles, some have damaged corners and will fit only in a very few places. Some are just different.

Want to help kids, bring back the LPS Alternative School. Does anybody really know why LPS dissolved it? Please do not bring up the school at Bert Nash, very few kids, very hard to get in. Very very very expensive too.

Just think about it, a kiddo who for some reason does not wish to attend a rock and cement, Coleman tent and metal frame pole, brick and mortar, wood and stucco, animal hide and stick building for whatever reason They often thrived in a alt. school program.

Got a bridge to sell you if you think a majority of Virt School kids have parents who can guide a youth through an individualized academic program. In no way stating it can not be done, for there are many success stories of homeschooling. Which virt school is in reality.

I know for a fact it takes a very dedicated talented alt. school staff to keep those non-edge, non-fitting students attending school. I also know for a fact how many success stories these staff members can count. Where are all the Alt School folks, speak up? Alt. schools are still one of the best educational concepts developed and worked during the past 30 years.

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Carlos O'Kelly's closes Lawrence location; city set to put more bite into weed ordinance

My wife and I were picking up stuff at Westlake Hardware and discussed where to have lunch just a few weeks ago. Walking to car noticed Carlos both us thinking, hey why not. Used to dine there often 10 + years ago.

For some reason simply never dined there for years, no reason, sort of forgot it was there. We found the place very clean, great server, outstanding art, chow pretty good as well. Server most certainly one of the best we've had in a while. Also, the staff gave us time for a non rushed lunch. Is there any really good Mexican food in Lawrence anywho?

Ironically, we both agreed to put them on our Lawrence restaurant schedule. Wow, what a surprise.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Hey, we can certainly try. I'll have you know my wife of 34 years and I stayed out past 7:00 p.m. last night celebrating a milestone birthday. I'd give you a verbal lashing you young whippersnapper, but my back hurts and I have to take a nap.

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