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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

This nation is at the end of the path. The dependent of government 40 percent is growing, just as in any great failing dynasty. The 40 percent will grow until national elections will be meaningless exercises in who can vote in more "gimmes."

Trump is just a last gasp effort to slow the tidal wave of crushing socialism. How strange, we see the horrid results of Socialism in our hemisphere. Yet, we as a populace demand more and more. Gimme. Venezuela rich in oil assets have dead people rotting in hospitals because they have no funds to bury them. Let alone feed the citizens of the once proud example of Socialism. Well Chavez did keep his promise, all are equal. Equally miserable. Didn't our Grandparents, Great Grandparents, uncles, aunts and other brave Americans fight to keep us from Socialism?

Cuba is an abomination which is why Government has walls/prisons to keep citizens in. Then why for instance is Obamacare popular with some?

Same popularity with unfair qualifying Section 8 housing, food stamps, free college education, free school breakfast, lunch and dinners, unchecked welfare programs, free transportation, free home nursing programs, tax the wealthy instead of fair share distribution, and the kicker. We as a nation must take care of anybody who can walk, ride, swim, or fly into our borders. We give Guatemala 100 million a year in health care aid, yet our inner city kids are hungry. Do the math of the 100 million per capita of Guatemala and one may be surprised how much this comes to for each man women and child.

Obamacare. Well about 40 percent of our population does not pay for Obamacare. Of course they love it, many have the top Gold programs as well. Somebody does pay, and these working folk premiums and quality of service is terrible.

If we keep going down this path, more and more will join the 40 percent. Then the 40 becomes a majority, and it's turn out the lights time in the Grand Old U.S.A.

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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

? Dorothy, you got it wrongo. One, Trump doesn't even take a salary. Two, he owns his retreats, and three.......um Obama set records for golfing and vacations, including First Lady's trip to sic Africa which was spent mostly in Spain.

Oh, the queen does just fine in her own tax paying business, kinda refreshing. First Lady pays taxes, not drains the public.

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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

Detroit, LA, NY, Cleveland, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Tampa,. St. Louis, well name any big city. How about warm and sunny S. Chicago too? Are you telling us these places are doing well, and rip those fine states you ripped?

Worse in the the states you mentioned? Alabama Gulf Coast is quite nice, and the golf in Mississippi is getting national recog. Ever been to 9th and Quindaro KC, KS mi amigo. I'd take rural Alabama anytime. At least housing is affordable in Liberal Kansas, jobs too.
. Oh, just toured a world class art museum in Arkansas, yep Arkansas.

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Pending change in rules at Lone Star Lake means you'll need to bring more than your hammock to camp

Been many a moon since I camped, but when I did it was often pack as light as possible. Not looking down my nose at Mini-Van campers with all the modern conveniences. This sounds like fun too.

I guess camping hiking is a different dealie.

I do remember the litter of tossed away sleeping bags, cooking gear, and extra clothing on the trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Some folks even tossed hiking boots. Everyone was warned, few listened. The long half day climb out made a backpack feel like a boulder. Hence, toss it.

At first I thought Adam's comment was a bit far out, but realized he was right on. In fact wish I had thought about this. Overnight on a Mizzu Creek 10 miles from nowhere during a drenching storm. Everything was wet. Adam's idea of a good sheet of plastic and a hammock would have kept a soul dry as a bone.

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School board to vote on purchase of 4,000 MacBooks for high schools

Oh, and always with folks spending others money, has anybody heard what the expected costs will be to maintain the computers? One year, two years, three years down the line?

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

Ken, Well thought out. Trump did apologize for the grabbing comment, which pales in comparison to a certain media darling Bill Clinton's proven antics. In stating this, dozens of other complaints came forward and all were proven false regarding Trump.

The other claims were in fact quotes taken out of context, or further comments were left out.

Trump is trying to save lives, Hitler and Stalin were life takers. Both had dreams of global domination and could have cared less about the average citizen. Anything close to a serious democratic process for Stalin or Hitlers election was a mistake. I do appreciate you informing some of our youth what Fascism is. I wish more would understand Hitler was a Socialist, and Stalin of course a Stalinist Communist. Trump is a Patriotic Populist.

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

I've heard what seems like a million times, media, and liberal leaning Americans call Trump a racist.
Yet, not a soul can respond to why. The silence of this challenge of course is deafening.
Folks have stooped to the low of lows in calling him a racist without a shred of evidence.
This ole Democratic election strategy was challenged by Trump, and he won.

You think Dems will have to resort to honesty in 2020?

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

Trump stated the 20 percent import tax maybe a solution. Nothing has been done yet, except make the Mexican Government realize a new leader is running our nation.

I did ask a simple question in another comment section. Why is President Trump considered a racist? I actually want to know why this racism tag is tossed around so easily by the left?

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Students of color in Lawrence school district face uneven odds

Many educators, and many social scientist agree on this theory. The place to look at the universal nation wide academic minority gap is not focusing on the schools.

It's a home problem. In my opinion, many many "Learning Disabled" are environmentally academic delayed. Unfortunately the tests used for Learning Disabled, and other IEP labels do not take this into consideration.

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Children in need of care: Problem areas with juvenile justice reform

A great pleasure of my life was working with children in need.
Also believe they should be a major priority in our social welfare system. I guess there will always be more of these unfortunates than good responsible people to care for them.

Ask anybody working with these kids if they can spot them from across a room. I certainly could after a few years. They had a different look to them. This real exchange below still haunts me to this day. Serves to show how little things matter so much to our displaced children.

A young "system" lady broke down in tears during her senior year in high school. It was while chatting at my desk over nothing really, but the emotions flew this day. In her 18 years of placements here, group homes there, new starts wherever, this day put her over the edge. It was not the lot in life she was crying about.

Most never complained too much. This show of real feelings was frustration. Sadness pouring out in tears over the fact she had not the chance to leave school in a car and simply had lunch. She had watched year after year her classmates leave in cars for a half hour break from school. This Spring day for some reason hurt her so, it was impossible to hide inside.

I often argued this point in cases where our youths wandered down the wrong path. The point is rather simple. I wondered where these kids would be if they had an average home life. How many of them would be productive, happy, and yes healthy adults.

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