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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

A statement and a question....... Nobody is for dirty air, or water, just rolling back anti-business silly regulations which only cost us jobs and lower salaries.

Can anybody tell me why Trump is labeled a racist?

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In Lawrence, young women reflect on Clinton's loss, what Trump presidency means to them

1. Good for the young women of Free State.......but

2. At the first sniff of HRC's massive legal problems surfaced, the Dem Party should have bailed on her. If so, Trump would have lost.

3. It would be wise to accept the fact Dems ran the most un-electable women in 2016 good ole U.S. of A. No hidden agenda, no vast right wing conspiracy, she stood no chance to win. The fact the party allowed her to run essentially lost the White House. Even with the best speaker in the history of the White House Obama support, national media breaking journalism ethics, and outright cheating, she lost.

4. There are so so so many great women out there who could have won easily.

Last.......answer these questions and you will understand why Trump won.. In the end many people figured it out. In doing so, voted in Trump.

answer these questions...

5. What did Hillary ever really do?
Talk is cheap, what has she left behind of public good substance? Well, she did name a NY Post Office during her Senate years.
How in the World did two public servants, she and Bill accumulate 350 million bucks and still mounting more wealth? Reminder, they were dead broke when Bill's term was up just a few years ago.

Just think 350 million after taxes, this mi amigos represents a lot of speeches.
Even with million dollar foreign government birthday gifts for Bill, this wealth seems impossible. Last, but by far not least. How in the World did Chelsea become a multi millionaire?

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Kansas taxes nearly $13M less than anticipated in October

Trickle down? It works if Govt. would cut spending, or just freeze spending. Add to this cutting the fat out of spending. Does anybody really know how much we spend on foreign aid, military waste, silly global warming donations worldwide, defending Japan, Germany, Korea, and funding the majority of NATO?

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What question would you ask the candidates in the presidential debate?

How did you earn your first 500 million dollars?

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Letter to the editor: Bad choices

Sometimes it's a good thing to look back on history in measuring individuals actions. Would the Anti Trump folks vote for Lincoln as a good example. Lincoln drank, wrestled, fought, made some historic poor decisions in battle before being elected.

Teddy Roosevelt is another character, add in Andrew Jackson. L.B.Johnson used thuggish means to gain power. Trump is mild in comparison.

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Police chief delivers report in response to Black Lives Matter campaign


This country will bend over backwards for minority high school seniors who put the time and effort into an excellent academic resume. Wanna be a lawyer fine, but this also works for youth wanting to learn a trade as well. Add to this community service. Community service works both ways. The volunteer often comes out the big winner. Think academic success. And.
Forget the free tuition Hillary is pitching for Jr. College. Begin setting sights on premium smaller private colleges, trade school, or larger institutions searching for successful minority students. Complete the first sentence of number two, and college will come free or awfully cheap.

This is especially true for those unfortunates living near the poverty line. As the junior year in high school begins, ask for support filling out the complicated grant/scholarship applications, both public and private. Last but not least, make sure the basic federal financial aid forms are sent on time. This seemingly simple task is often very difficult for one parent-grandparent-aunt as the decision maker households. Then keep your academic resume goal as Job One. Your future dreams can come true.

Respect authority, including keeping communication lines wide open. Learn to be selfish, and discern what's good and bad for your future. again..take the time to.. Learn to be selfish, and discern what's good and bad for your future. Follow advice Three, and worry not about being caught up on the wrong side of the law.

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Police chief delivers report in response to Black Lives Matter campaign

Having lived in Lawrence for around 20 years, plus being involved with youth from all backgrounds gonna give you my two cents.

This comment is about Lawrence, not rotting inner cores of our nations cities. Big big difference. I was on the first Can We Talk panel in Lawrence and found mentioning Lawrence is different in race relations almost got me booted. Yes, booted for opinion on a Can We Talk panel. This mi amigos is often the case in Lawrence, some opinions are not welcomed.

This is what I had to say. Lawrence is not N. Milwaukee. Lawrence is not the lawless South-side of Chicago. Although, the following advice would work there too.

If a young black American, or any other minority living near the poverty line follows this simply advice his or her American Dream is still very much alive. In fact, I firmly believe there's privilege associated here regarding race. Yes, I've seen it over and over, Lawrence area instructors going far overboard trying to assist minority students. I observed this privilege in action so many times, but will give just one example.

In fact, this situation happened in Eudora. The same Eudora which often serves as the target of racist jokes regarding Douglas County. Never understood this disgusting attitude, as Eudora has a significant population of highly successful Native Americans. O.K... A few years ago a young black family championed their school aged son as he rose to success in auto racing. The city dedicated resources, fundraising, and simply community encouragement. This included the school district/volunteer tutors as they helped him keep current in studies as he raced all over the nation. In short, the entire community supported this fine young man and family.

O.K. Advice One.

Forget hard edged rapping as a future profession. The environment for this career is in direct conflict with future academic success. Sadly, I heard this career choice given so often by 15-19 year old minority students. My belief is this mentality really is a significant problem. Think about this, what does career preparation in rap music demand in building a future for our public school students?

Hint..... for instance larger business owners view hateful worded neck tattoos coupled with an inability to communicate as a negative. Learn manners, learn how to present yourself. Keep yourself free of legal problems. Successful minority students do.

more coming.....part two

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Battle lines being drawn over school district 'realignment' bill

Example, not too long ago it was a goal to have a televsion/vhs/dvd player in every classroom. What happened to those, since classes now use computer monitors? Not writing about overflow tvs, but hundreds.

One the third disagreed point, laws will have to change. I can make a great argument some IEP students would do better socially, and learn at a much higher rate being segregated. Not all by any means, but some.

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Free State to host student discussion on race and the Confederate flag

No controversy, just remembered a very dedicated and busy man spending hours and hours of his own time in getting the program started. Charles deserved a little bit of press.

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Free State to host student discussion on race and the Confederate flag

My how we forget. Which is ironic, I have forgotten the dedicated security officer's last name who helped found Can We Talk at Free State in 2006. His first name was Charles and worked with Dr. Joe S. and the Free State WIT Committee. This committee was made up of about 15 volunteer faculty members.

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