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Why do the Royals keep getting into fights this year?

Royals swept into popularity last year, even as "professional" prognosticators stated it would be a dull World Series. Indeed what a surprise, ratings were very high, the series was outstanding. They indeed became targets of jealousy, and the game plan was to ruff them up this year.

Used to work, hit a Royals player and the team played with fear. Yankees used to hit Mike Sweeney in either his first or second at bat in a series. Team had no real on the field stars for so long, other teams just roughed um up on the field.

Royals were upset they were picked to no even make the playoffs this year, and are playing with not a chip on the shoulder, but a log.

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

giant bake-sale in the near future, no wait, giant steamed asparagus/green-beans in soy sauce + purified lemon ice water sale.

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What was your favorite thing about kindergarten?

For the next 12 (19) school years teachers battled to keep myself and other crumb crunchers awake during class. Kindergarten gave grades on how you did during nap time.

To this day, any age, any group of students, anywhere, love to hear a talented teacher read a book to them.

Now retired, going towards the last part of the journey of life, Kindergarten seemed so so so much like a person would never grow up. Young folks... enjoy each and everyday of life on Earth, and take the occasional nap.

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How much of a priority should it be for the city to build a new police headquarters?

No vacant buildings in Lawrence? Ummm

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Lawrence police: Wanted man threatens officers with knife at Wal-Mart

What is it with folks challenging officers? These are the same folks coaching a youth team, grilling burgers, or knocking down a door to save somebody from a fire. Same folks who approach a dark car on an isolated highway not knowing the who, what, why?

I can't think of anything more frightening than searching a vehicle.

This guy is very very very lucky the officer decided to risk his life and limb and use non lethal force.

Never before have I witnessed a group of underpaid, overworked, dangerous job, being lumped in with lawyers. Yea, the ones we dislike until we need them.

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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

Oh, My gramps Chrysler had a V-8 .318 C.I. engine which got about 24 MPG. Why, in the 1960s could we make a powerful engine, on a huge care getting this kind of mileage?

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What’s the lowest price of gas you can remember?

Who knows, or who knew back in the day, filling a car would be such a financial drag. I feel sorry for the younguns who can't just take off for a cross country car trip on a whim. Feel worse for those young families having to drive a distance to work, then heat or cool a home. Sad, when we have now all the energy at our fingertips for almost nothing. NUKE.

Hint.......Giant aircraft carriers sail for years on little to nothing in fuel.

In my salad days, Gramps would give me 5 bucks to fill his Chrysler up every Saturday. I got to keep the change. Most of the time the leftover was enough to have a bit o fun that eve. Oh, back to topic, 23 cents a gallon. I had to fill at the Standard station, it was a quarter a gallon. S&H Green Stamp family. Who remembers this little fun thing. Oh, the leftover 5 spot.........what to do, what to do......

Owen Theater, double feature .35 cents, Giant Snickers .20, big ole Doc Pepper .25 real popped popcorn ???

Most often the fillup was about 4 gallons, which was a buck. Oh my!

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Lawrence apartments infested with bedbugs, roaches in residents' ears, social workers say

Run around scream and yell, panic panic, oh my. Just heat the areas up to 120 degrees, then actually do some elbow bending and the lil suckers be gone quick like bunny. How do you think the folks before techie time, years ago got rid of them................

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New revenue numbers show $715 million shortfall through 2016

Short version....Kansas is a gold mine of history and wonderful natural beauty. Have taken many foreign guests on business trips through the state, all stating what majestic views they saw. Open up Tall Grass, build some resorts, open up a few lakes to development.

Tall Grass would be a perfect setting for horse camping. Horse people spend big bucks and are very under served. What a lifetime memory, spending a week by horse and wagon camping in historic Kansas.

Live in the Tri-Lakes area of Mizzu now. It sickens me to see the hundreds and hundreds of Kansas license plates, boat registrations, (many illegally register here) hotel, motel, cabins, and vacation homes. Owned by Kansans, but spending huge amounts of money in other states.

These vehicles owned by Kansans who do not camp, want waterfront lodging, desiring to put boats in docks, instead of pulling them out just to simply have a lunch for example. Here on my lake, you can pull into a marina and have a great meal. Fun!

Older folks can't do this anyway, and some younger folks simply do not like camping. Vehicles owned by Kansans who have nothing like Grand Lake in Oklahoma, or Lake of the Ozarks to stay in state and spend.

Has anybody figured how much revenue leaves the state because we don't have the gutz to tell the Corp take a hike. I can route anybody on a great 3 day vacation in Kansas as it stands now, imagine if we had desire to develop something worth staying in.
Didn't mention job creation either....

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Letter: College voters

In the early 1970s, or late 60s the college vote in Wisconsin home of UW was strong enough to elect the student union president to the mayor of Madison. I always wondered if U of Kansas students made much of a difference in elections.

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