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Great place with cute clothes that are different than you find in most cookie cutter stores. Age appropriate, even into your 40's. A lot of great dresses, shirts, scarves, outer pieces to coordinate and fun jewelry to accessorize. The only place in Lawrence selling Bare Minerals makeup. Much more reasonable prices than a few door down AND a very helpful staff. Highly recommend.

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedos. Still one of my favorites.

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Sound Off: We are on the no-call list, and we get calls from “card member services.” How can we get

They use a different number each time they call. I get them from numbers in Oregon, Wasington, Virginia and one time from Canada, but it's always the same voice" Hi, this is Susie with card holder services". That's all of the message I hear because I end the call.

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Tree tragedy

They placed their bucket over my neighbor's fence and chopped off at least 1/2 tree. She was furious when she got home. Don't be fooled into thinking your property is protected.

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Tree tragedy

Thank goodness I was home when they came by marking trees. Apparently the old wooden posts holding up my fence and honeysuckle were determined to be "Threats" and now have lovely orange spray paint marking them from the inside of my yard. They also tried to remove metal posts we installed to keep students from bending down our fence as a shortcut. Bright bunch you hired there Westar.

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Most smart meters expected to be installed by year’s end in Lawrence

When you call to get the meter installed, they give you so little information, it's made to sound like a great idea. Not only was my bill higher than I'd seen during a summer month, the cycling events are poorly explained. Westar takes over your service and has the right to turn your service on and off for 15 minute increments for up to 4 hours at a time. You may opt out of the program twice a month, but be guranteed any day over 100 degrees is a cycling day. My house reached 86 degrees on the last event. As an asthma sufferer, we left the house util the cycle ended. Once home, we had to turn the temp way down to cool our house down enough to sleep. The program is ill explained and applicants poorly screened. Questions regarding health conditions and the elderly should be mandatory. We still received notices of cycling events long after we had this removed. Obviously, they are not well tracked and a waste of more money Westar so desperately needed for their program by yet again raising our rates.

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Two women treated at LMH after accident at McDonald Drive and Princeton Boulevard

My sister, a registered nurse on the way home from her shift stopped to render aid before emergency personnel arrived, so she may have been one of the many responders you saw "standing around", which is part of her oath as an RN. You should be so lucky to have plenty of people to respond, paid or not. Had there been serious injuries, would you be so critical?

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What is your favorite kind of dog?

Terriers and smart curious poodles.

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Severe storms leave thousands without power in Douglas County

Still no power and the number Westar has you call gives no information.

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