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What's the most inattentive thing you've seen someone do while driving?

A cop, doing some type of work on his computer that is mounted in the car. And they say cell phone are a bad deal?

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No more smoke-filled rooms in Kansas (The Capitol Report)

This possible state wide smoking ban, simply put SUCKS. This is some thing that is not illegal and is sold nation wide, it should be a persons choice. I thought this is a free country to do what you want? If a person wants to smoke in a public bussiness that allows it, then let them smoke, you also have a choice to leave. It is a shame that the so called 'Do Gooders'try to push their Do Gooder B.S on to others. All a bussiness did before is have no smoking signs in place, why wasn't this good enough?

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Moratorium on coal-burning plants rejected

Well snowWI, the bill went right to file 13 where it should have been in the first place.
Where do you get this b.s that you posted? 'Most of the power will go to Colorado where the demand is highest because Sunflower is part of the Tri-State Electric Cooperative.'
Sunflower is not part of Tri- State Elec. Co-op.

You had also posted this,
'The House Bill better be passed. Kansas must be a leader in developing wind energy instead of relying on OUTDATED pulverized coal plants that do not have the capability to reduce CO2 emissions in the future. California has no coal power plants in their state.'
No, California has no coal fired generation, but they do have 22,815 MW's of gas turbine generated power (another fossel fuel), 5,011 MW's of nuke power, and for your info 1'784 MW's of coal generated power that is generated in Southern Utah that only goes to L.A. So what makes them so special to all of you greenies?

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House committee rejects moratorium on coal plants

Cool, your still a F.S.D.A, you must really beleive every thing that some one tells you? Maybe you should get out of the 1950's, the electrical grid is not running on 1950 power switching technology, it's ran by more complex computers, the kind you know nothing about and will never know about until you quit hanging around or listening to people like Wes J.. People that do not learn on their own will never now any different, so you must be one of them.
You should really get out more often!

What is the difference of exporting power from, beef, grian, or even ethanol? It all takes water but yet it still happens, and Ethenol plants are popping up all over the state and they will use more water then this plants will ever use. And for what?

Think about this Cool, maybe the 'so called',high amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere is actually coming from the population explosion and the rain forests beening cut down and the CO2 is not being absorbed and O2 is being depleted. This could be the more likely truth and the stuff you saying is your normal B.S
Hopefully you have not reproduced?

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Coal plant moratorium likely to fail

Preebo, you are a F.D.A, Sunflower is a NON-PROFIT, if you do not know this by now maybe you need to quit talking.
afred, and for talking to our reps., it does not work, they do not respond. They are to worried about their future in politics and how fast and high up they can get.
California, on the other hand needs to remember where the power that supplies there state comes from.
Several years back they built 4 huge coal burners in Utah, because they needed power and the dumb a** state did the same thing they are triing to do to KS. as they did to themselves.

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Sebelius' 'all-stars' hope to lure lab

I second that, and the prevailing winds could blow toxins towards Topeka

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Solar project to highlight alternative power

It cost more then $7,000, who knows what Lawrence has paid for their, 'GREEN TAGS'. Renewables are fine, but look at all the little projects this group has going and the cost compared to the kwh.
Why don't these groups start looking at different problems,like the rain forest? May be harvasting all the trees and the population growth may have a bigger impact no the GHG then the power industry

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Moratorium sought on coal-fired plants

Water, water, water, now this is the major concern?

They will use less with the new plants, then the farmers do now.

And what is the difference if Sunflower uses the water for power production that will be exported form the state, then beef, cattle, grain or any other product made in Ks.,that uses large amount of H2O, then exported to other states or countries????? Nothing! What about all of the Ethanol production that has or will be coming on line in the near future? They do use corn which takes large amounts of H2O, no body is stopping them.

Maybe they should pass laws making illegal to wash your cars also.
All the greenies can't then,wash this BS off their hands, because we don't have enough water.

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Officials urge rise of wind energy, conservation in Kansas

ImpactWinter, You have stated that capacitors function as reserve supply, and are essential in any case to ensure a regulated flow of power into a transmission system. (False) This amount of Power or electricity CAN NOT be stored in anything, period.

COOL, there you go again F.D.A. Interconnecting the grid site you gave is for SMALL customers that sell back power to the utilities in very small amount, (kw). Like I said before if you don't know what your talking about S.T.F.U

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Sebelius to pursue energy strategy in second term

Cool, you are a F.D.A, if you don't know how the US grid is operated, S.T. F.U.

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