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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

Just got word that she has been found safe. I dont have details as to where. Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers.

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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

This is my cousin and we are all very scared. Please Lawrence someone knows something. Help us bring my cousin home. We love her and need her to be found. Chelsea if you see this please contact someone!

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Sound Off: What do you do about lost or stray dogs from 5 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Monday when no one i

Strays always seem to wonder up to our house, maybe because we own dogs and they can tell we love animals. We always make sure and go above and beyond to find the owner. We work full time but we've even kept one over night and kept searching until we found it's loving owner which was a handicapped man who was very greatful that we had found his best friend. Just because a dog gets loose doesn't mean the owner is not doing everything they can think of to keep it from getting out. Our labs love to run just like all labs do. If they get out we figure out where they got out and fix it, but they love to try to find a new way out.

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