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Interstate 70 reopens to one lane in each direction following tractor trailer accident and fire.

I drove by the scene at about 0710 this morning and they had the tractor trailer upright on the West bound side of I-70. I could see where diesel had spilled all over the road and the smell was pungent. Treatment was down to absorb it and a Caterpillar was there to help clean up the road. We moved at about 50-60 mph on the right lane.

Did the semi lose control because he plowed that median like it was nothing.

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Old Navy confirms it is closing Lawrence store

Totally agree with you cozborn! The jeans are pretty good quality and they last a while. I still have pairs that are several years old that still are in great shape! I also have several long sleeved button up shirts for work that are still in good shape despite constant wearing and washing. I'm gonna miss their Black Friday sales.....15 bucks for jeans was always the drawing point for me! My hubby also liked their jeans as they fit him well. I don't understand why some posters are so negative about ON.....

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17 Westar customers lose power after squirrel interferes with equipment

Mmmmm....Extra crispy squirrel.......I have to agree with bearded_gnome: A little flavoring will compliment quite nicely ;)

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Tornado watch canceled for Douglas County

Ditto.....Woke up to the power going out and sweating all night from lack of air moving in the house......

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Rep. Kevin Yoder taps Pat Roberts staffer for director position

yourworstnightmare - Did you see Brownshirt's appointees?????? Cacalcade of clowns continues indeed!

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Kobach challenging in-state tuition rates for undocumented students

somebodynew- Unfortunately the majority in this state are idiots....Just look at who will be ascending to Topeka in January *gag*

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Kobach challenging in-state tuition rates for undocumented students

atavism - You assumption that everyone in the state voted for this blundering idiot is purely misconcieved! While there are those (and there were many) who voted for this attention whore, I was one of the few who possessed the common sense NOT to cast my vote for him!

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One quarter of Kansans say they are obese

emaw - Have you been to parts of Texas and Florida lately!??!!? Houston has some of the heaviest people in the nation while Miami and Jacksonville aren't so svelte either!

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Phelps church prepares for U.S. Supreme Court case

It's pretty low but then again when has WBC displayed any decency or compassion for others? They are media whores that thrive in the spotlight and get their jollies off of other people's suffering and pain. It doesn't take a psychic to see when old man Phred keels over some will return the same courtesy.

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Voters pick between Moran, Tiahrt in contentious GOP Senate contest

Which one's which?????

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