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Dr. Younglove takes time to listen and help. The office is friendly and efficient.

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Dr. Suber is fantastic and goes above and beyond for my family.

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Vote for McCain

I'm glad I don't pay for this newspaper. I'd hate to think my money was being spent to support such skewed views of the world.

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Cable system ushers in digital era

I love digital cable. I mean, having to unplug it daily so it can re-set itself and stop pixellating? Totally worth the extra money we are *required* to spend. Why hasn't sunflower been considered a monopoly? I know we are now starting to have other options, but that wasn't the case for a very long time.

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Food stamp recipients pinched by high food prices

Wow, you guys. Lots of people who recieve food stamps are hard working individuals who just need the extra support to make ends meet. I applaud those of you on here who don't need the assistance, but don't think you should degrade those who do. Junk food is cheaper than eating healthy, period. Yes you can buy 6 boxes of mac and cheese, but you also have to buy milk and butter. So for the cost of buying everything to make the mac & cheese, you could buy several bags of chips that will squelch hunger pains just as well. Doesn't make them idiots, just thrifty and desperate. It's sad, not disgusting.

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District makes case for raising taxes

I'm not sure where that *average* salary came from. I work for the school district, have a masters degree, and make about 10-15k less than my peers I graduated with who work elsewhere. I choose to continue to live and work in Lawrence, because I love this city. However, between the outrageous cost of housing here and the lag in salary we are scraping by each month. I can't afford to pay the tax hike that will increase my salary!!

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Animal activist or publicity hound?

I used to be a member of PETA until I wrote them asking for help with an animal and they told me that they believed in euthanization of all dogs of this breed regardless of the situation (still have the email to prove it). I would much rather give my time and money to organizations that are trying to really help animals, not exploit their own agendas (i.e. the humane society). And no, I don't eat meat, but it's a personal choice that doesn't need to be discussed or forced on others. I think fur is gross, so I don't buy it. End of story.
The documentary is fascinating, Ingrid definately has some issues.

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Lawrence 101

Why is everyone so angry about the "west side" of Lawrence, Geekin? Of course I would prefer to live in a house with character on the east side of town, but the houses we could afford happen to be west of Iowa. And no, I'm not a "joco transplant," just somebody who loves Lawrence and wanted to buy a house here. Enough with the sweeping generalizations.

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Rude shirts a disservice to KU spirit, group says

I agree with hurlehey_boy about what it "costs" to be a KU fan. Since I am an alum and no longer a student, I can not afford to attend a game since they re-structured the ticket policy. I would much rather support some slimebag who screenprints offensive t-shirts on Mass St. than buy a $30 dollar t-shirt that has a non-offensive logo on it that the university paid a research group to develop. I mean, oh no, ESPN couldn't find any students to show on TV. Why not show the crusty alumni sitting on their butts quietly watching the game and discussing recent business trips that KU encourages to take up the majority of the seats? KU seems to be very conflicted!

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Kansas may push for stem cell amendment

Way to go don_burgess! I think people's opinions would change if they were ever affected by the diseases this research is hoping to cure. I'm sure everyone will be wondering what happened to the embryos when they need assistance to dress, feed and toilet themselves.

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