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"Why I Left the Republican Party" -- 03/16/13 at Lawrence Arts Center

@avarom I would suggest your "broader sense of responsibility" should start with your personal investment in others, not the governments. Anyone can vote for someone to print money and throw it at problems. It take real leadership, and their OWN money to solve these problems. I'm glad your best performers have "always" been women, but you're suggesting a bias in that statement. My best performers are..... my best performers, regardless of sex, race, sexual preference. To promote any category over another is reversing progress. Personally, I find it hard to support a Democrat party giving excuses for the last 5 years of record unemployment, largest welfare roles, largest take-over of the economy in Obama-care and inexcusable cover-ups of Fast and Furious, Benghazi and endless funnels of taxpayer money to failing "green" companies. ......... Funny how Obama tried to scare us about how sequester cuts would spell doom. Conversely, the stock market is finally rallying the DAY the cuts took place. Too bad we re-elected a leader that never had job outside politics.

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"Why I Left the Republican Party" -- 03/16/13 at Lawrence Arts Center

Unfortunately, this seems the prevailing direction of a cradle to grave nanny state. We have record numbers on public assistance and record number of those willing to keep them as their constituency.
RIP opportunity and personal responsibility

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