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Letter: Power of prayer

So the people who have been killed or seriously injured by violent weather events just didn't pray hard enough? That is disgusting and offensive.

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Letter: No transparency

"This is the largest scale of stupidity or dishonesty ever displayed by an administration"

The war in Iraq involved a heck of a lot more stupidity and dishonesty than any of the largely manufactured scandals Mr. Burkhart mentioned. It has also been far more costly, both in terms of lives and dollars.

And yes, that falls squarely at the feet of the Bush administration. Four dead in Benghazi vs. over 4,400 dead Americans and over 100,000 dead civilians. And that isn't even counting the numerous deaths that occurred at US consulates and embassies around the world when Bush was president, or the loss of life in Afghanistan that resulted from diverting military resources to Iraq.

If Mr. Burkhart finds that excusable, he might be well served to set politics aside for awhile and reassess his values as a human being.

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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

Those are medical outcomes. Are you implying that by withholding payment to MCO's for unmet health outcomes, the MCO's would then be able to withhold payments to service providers for unmet health outcomes?

If that is the case, it should be enough to make anyone's blood run cold.

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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

Given Mr. Sullivan's accusations of fear-mongering, perhaps he should ask some average citizens how THEY would feel about having their entire lives managed by a for-profit insurance company. I'm sure the reaction would be positive, right? After all, for-profit insurance companies have never put profits ahead of individuals, right? And for-profit insurance companies are genuinely concerned with giving people choices, right? Surely, the bean counters would be willing to make less profit or barely break even if it means providing services that treat people with dignity and respect. Right??

Perhaps Secretary Sullivan should lead by example and allow Amerigroup to manage every aspect of HIS life. That way, he can show all of us how wonderful it is to be treated like nothing more than a number on a balance sheet.

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