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End of a long tradition: High school musicians won't be performing at stadium for KU's 70th annual Band Day

I participated in Band Day in 1977. Though we did march at halftime, I can see the logic of discontinuing it for a more personal experience. I think that KU Marching Band performing for all the attending High Schools is adequate, and perhaps those Saturday participants (read attending High School Bands) can get home a little earlier.

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Contamination concerns complicate city's efforts to preserve large bur oak tree

Head to this site (http://www.resilience.org/stories/201...) to educate yourself. It may not be what that site needs, but it is a natural alternative, rather than a heavy cost for man-made solutions. Furthermore, a REC (recognized environmental condition) is just that, a recognized condition, that past uses have made it suspect to be contaminated. Money is needed to determine what type, if any, contamination exists. Perhaps then we could use a natural alternative (read long term) to clean the site.

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Donald Trump sworn in as nation's 45th president

Whatever get over your self important self, thinking that you know everything, and you are believing in Yellow Journalism which is rampant in today's society.

Mr. Jr. If you think you are so righteous why didn't you run for President.?

Is your past without black marks, or you know what?

In Closing; Quote sources not your ignorant opinions.

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WOW outage problems traced to conduit infiltration at bridge; customers to be offered refunds for service disruption

Only Internet and voice mail were interupted. I have phone service through WOW and it was not working as well, since it relies on my wireless router to hook up. I want my money back from this so called truthful company.

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Court blocks federal plan to extend overtime pay to many

Leave it to ***wipe judges who make six figures and take bribes to supplement their "low income" should be reprimanded.

Those of us who fit the definition of working copious amounts of hours with too little recognition in the way of pay can thank those worthless human beings for making us into effing robots.

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Brownback says media not reporting good economic news. Here's why.

Wouldn't be great if Brownback eliminated the married tax?

This is the most ridiculous tax in the WORLD!!!

I say that this why people from Kansas flock to Missouri to get away from unfair taxation.

Wait a minute..............Isn't the above sentence why we fled England?

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What musical instrument did you play as a child?

I started out playing the trumpet and then switched to the Tuba. When I was in the 5th Grade, the band teacher came into the classroom and gave us all papers with 100 answers to see if we could hear well enough to say whether the notes she was playing on the piano were in tune or out of tune.
This was done to judge our ability to play an instrument of our choosing.

I was the only student who scored 100 out of 100. Perfect tonal hearing.

But of course, being the youngest out of 9, money was tight, and so was the available band instruments. Needless to say that is why I started on the trumpet.

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Family's home burglarized, say greatest loss is dog; alleged domestic violence at gentleman's club; woman accused of pushing man through glass door

An attempt to burglar my home was in 1996 when my daughter was 3 months old. We had the lights down low late in the evening because of the infant. My wife was feeding her, when she came into the living room, with our daughter in her arms, and informed me, someone is at the door.

My reply was; well let them in. She stated; No, someone opened the door. I stated; well, that is different.

I went outside and saw an individual running down the street. He turned around and said, I, I, I'm looking for Harry! I said, Harry doesn't live here and don't bring your azz back here to look for him. He said, I, I, I, won't.

I then saw him jump in his car, with Missouri License Plates, and take off.

Another case of the I-70 ripoff, where Missouri burglars come to Lawrence and rip people off, and head back to Missouri, via I-70.

Shortly after this incident, we built a house in Eudora, and have been happy since.

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What was your favorite book as a kid?

I too enjoyed Encyclopedia Brown, but graduated to novels like; The Deep Blue Goodbye, Nightmare in Pink, Bright Orange for the Shroud , A Deadly Shade of Gold and so on.

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Do you drink Kansas wine?

The Charlottes Red at Davenport is a great wine. So there, all you wine fooo fooos!!!!!!!!

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