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What was your favorite book as a kid?

I too enjoyed Encyclopedia Brown, but graduated to novels like; The Deep Blue Goodbye, Nightmare in Pink, Bright Orange for the Shroud , A Deadly Shade of Gold and so on.

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Do you drink Kansas wine?

The Charlottes Red at Davenport is a great wine. So there, all you wine fooo fooos!!!!!!!!

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was in KCMO Fire Station #50. The captain was in his quarters watching the events unfold. I and a few others joined him and I will never forget the all too vivid picture of humans dying in flames and others choosing to leap to their death rather than burn.

All firefighters just off their 72 hour shift returned to the station as they were called back.

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Cryptogram: Winston Churchill

For everyone who does not get it;

Here it is.

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."
Winston Churchill


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What is something you've always wanted to do but never tried?

Why yes I do. I have the album on my Android which is called "Fate of Nations". The song was what prompted me to get the cd after I spent time at the Presidio in San Francisco working.

It was a good song to spend with by the bay.

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It's too damn crazy hot!

Its so hot, I went to my doctor because I had blood in my urine.

The lady doctor said "You must be on your meunstral cycle", I said "Meunstral cycle!! I don't even have a Motor cycle!!!!

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It's too damn crazy hot!

see!!! many oh boy.

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It's too damn crazy hot!

survive (one to may Alaskan Ambers)

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It's too damn crazy hot!

There once were some people:-)
Suffering from heat;-(
They sniffled and cried:-(
It my burns my feet!!!!!!
If we stick together
In this inclement weather
We can surrive replete

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It's too damn crazy hot!

Its so hot, did my feet blister or not?
Oh never mind...it's just my tongue!!!!
Who said heat was a joy?
Prose and pun are a cool toy!!!!
To relieve my tired body.....
My mind is included........
So the pain and sizzle and air is occluded!!

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