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Statehouse Live: Battle begins in House over public unions

Strange isn't it? Money is speech according to the corporate fascist types running this state, and many other states. Well, that is until it applies to those with the few dollars. Then, well, those dollars need to be restricted, or just plain eliminated. This is just one more symptom of what I believe to be a Theocratic Governor's takeover of a state for his own inner desire to establish his faith as "law." If it means catering to those with most of the wealth, 'cough-Koch' to keep the theocracy propped up. If most of those that vote for these "johnny one notes" and "corporate pimps" realize that, maybe there will once again be a "free state of Kansas!"

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

I am just wondering, in order to qualify for farm subsidies, does one have to apply to 20 farm job openings? Check out the what Sam Brownback and his family qualified for in subsidies. Seems socialism is great as long as the permanent majority clan of Kansas is stuffing the dollars into their pockets. Don't believe me, check out: http://farm.ewg.org/addrsearch.php?s=...

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Letter: Lower taxes?

Okay, show of hands, how many voted for the Kochian Party and ALEC puppets for the Kansas Governor and Legislators! One, two, three, oh, I see, not so proud now? Suddenly more intelligent about what your vote meant. Let me ask one more question, thank you. If for example 80 acres of income producing property is taxed at $450 property tax per year, and a $125,000 home and lot is taxed at $1678 per year, is that fair? Is that what you are willing to sacrifice so the Ks. Corporations and Corp. Farming, gets a basically free ride? Ever notice the traffic jams, and how many vehicles burning gas and puking out emissions it now takes to get children to their schools. Kansas, you are definitely the "what's the matter!" when it comes to how you vote and who you put into a position of power. Hands thrown into the air, head shaking, but realizing stupid is what stupid does, especially in Kansas!

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Statehouse Live: Brownback to be keynoter at Kansas Policy Institute's annual event

What a incredibly correct statement! I just don't know how insulted I am that you used the word "we" for you and I surely didn't vote for this .......

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Statehouse Live: Brownback to be keynoter at Kansas Policy Institute's annual event

I didn't see the cost for us second class, American Workers, or the elderly, the disabled, the teachers, the young women! Maybe they will be let in the door for free. Why does this sound like a horror movie?

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Statehouse Live: Brownback to be keynoter at Kansas Policy Institute's annual event

Raising property taxes is always a great idea if a person is a corporation (you can be that now!) and you are getting tax bonds and exemptions so you can stay and use the workers for more and more profits. This way only the young trying to get established and promote those "family values" and the elderly with fixed incomes, will be the ones to carry the Gov's budget on their backs. Sales taxes are really nice for those that spend a small portion of their earnings. "Small" compared to most of us that have to spend all or nearly all we earn, just to make ends meet! Yes, Gov. is a real Jenius! (spelling intended!)

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