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Some have suggested making a donation to abortion-rights group in Tiller's name. Would you make such a donation?

What in the name of decency is wrong with this picture? A vigil for a man who murdered hundreds of babies? The "globs of tissue" that could have reached out and grasped his finger? I wonder how many did. How many of his supporters have bothered to research these late term abortions by which this man made his living? How many of his supporters scream about the rights of whales and even certain frogs or toads? Yet, they glorify the killing of infants. How many of Tiller's supporters are aghast at the killing of a pregnant woman such as Lacy Peterson. I hear you speak of the woman's health issues, but have you any idea what percentage of these patients' health was in jeopardy? And why was it necessary to kill that baby who could have survived on it's own? Now, ask yourself what kind of man makes a living this way. I guarantee you these late term abortion babies did not look like globs of tissue. They had eyes, ears, hands and feet. Please educate yourselves in what you are supporting and realize that being dead does not necessarily make a person a saint. I do not justify murder, but at the same time, I am thankful this man will not be the means of death for any more infants. Now, all you "intellectuals" out there, go ahead and attack me.

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