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Ex-LHS guard KJ Pritchard walks on at UMKC after year at prep school

I'd still take him over Self's kid anyday. Best of luck.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

I would love to see KU run the floor more often, especially with our athletes. We've shown these last two games that our half-court offense is sub-par at best and predictable. But I guess that would all start with nutting up and boxing out / rebounding on the defensive end.

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KU football defense takes baby steps

It's getting better, I just can't believe KU football games are still televised.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

Cool article, bro

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Shooting star: Future KU guard Conner Frankamp continues rise to prep elite

love the reference. Spot on. Connor's going to be a stud, though.

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Getting defensive: Kansas defense out to prove it’s improved

Well, It can't get much worse.

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Another home burglary reported early Thursday in Lawrence; police again warn residents to lock doors, windows

Hide ya kids...hide ya wife...and hide ya husband, cause they rapin everybody out here

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As good as billed: QB Dayne Crist living up to lofty expectations

..."Just the excitement that’s there, that’s important to me. It’s flattering. But it’s there until you’re not successful, so I just want to be as successful as possible.”

Good attitude. I think he's got the right mindset.

April 17, 2012 at 12:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

Our composure under 2 minutes could not have been worse. Yeah, there were bad calls, but it should not have mattered. A crazy Allen Fieldhouse would have lobbied successfully for those calls if the tables were turned. We were up 7 with a little over 2 minutes left. We take a wild shot with 22-25 seconds left on the shot clock. Ironically, it was our best player taking the shot (T-Rob)-because he was hot. Not one person is to blame for this loss, and I thought for the most part we brought our "A game" for 38 minutes. I hope we can come out firing in Waco. Having that said, yeah Missouri's good-but they are so unbalanced. Great guards, with low IQ big men will not get you far in the post-season. Rock Chalk.

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Taken by storm: Cyclone fans swamp floor to celebrate win over KU

I'm not surprised Iowa State beat us. They have a good team, and i'm pretty shocked they already have 3 conference losses. I think we'll be fine. Need better performance out of Teahan. Anyway, we're still a game up, and its going to be tough for other good teams to win at their place. Rock Chalk.

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