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KU students designate SafeBus as preferred ride

This bus is for safe transportation to and from the downtown area for college students from the University of Kansas . It is (NOT A PARTY BUS) and SafeRide/SafeBus Rules and Regs are

No smoking, eating, drinking, littering, running, vandalism, graffiti, or hazardous materials.
No loud or intrusive use of profanity/obscenities or other disorderly conduct, including threatening or harassing behavior to other passengers and/or driver. No inappropriate/distracting conversation with the driver.
No fighting or conduct allowed that could pose a threat to public safety. No firearms or other weapons.
No pets allowed with the exception of certified service animals trained to assist individuals with disabilities.
Stand behind the white or yellow lines and hold onto the stanchions or overhead railings. Use a seat if available.
No hands, arms, heads, or personal belongings outside of the bus while in motion.
No solicitation for commercial or non-commercial purposes, including KU Events.
Do not take up more than one seat or place your feet on the seats.
No electronic listening or music devices without headsets or earphones.
Do not sleep in bus shelters.
Do not open windows without the permission of the driver.
Shirt and shoes are required.
Follow requests made by the driver.
Report suspicious behavior to the driver.

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Booths purchase original Naismith basketball rules at auction for more than $4 million

I dont know how much later , but the original basketball wouldnt bounce , it was fairly heavy .

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Lawrence City Commissioner Lance Johnson being sued over $1.95M bank loan

Suprise' surprise' suprise !

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Lawrence employees to receive longevity bonuses, but city aims to reduce overtime pay in 2011

It would be great to reward employees based on performance , Oh wait the city already destroyed their merit based system that had been in place for most of the last past decades . The policys dont seem to matter in the city anymore .................. They do what they want !

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Lawrence city commission to ponder year-end longevity payments for employees

Are you serious , where you been , the city has been cutting their workeforce for the last 4 years ! The problem in this city is the city manager and city commision.

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Federal judge upholds decision to build South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street; opponents promise appeal

Wake up, Or youll be sitting on the23rd street parking lot between Iowa and K 10 after 59 gets finished with a few other so called Morons, Thinking , Why me !

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Gov.-elect Sam Brownback won't advocate repeal of new statewide sales tax

I guess youd rather see the state go broke and Teachers get laid off or fired . I mean one cent might break you after all !

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Downtown bullies

I say put them on a bus and drive them over to johns house , he will obviously hand out money and free stuff to them, and who knows , maybe set up camp as well . THAT DOES SOUND PRETTY AWSOME !

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Keep it wild

Have you seen any lions and tigers and bears?

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