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City Commission OKs closing part of Mass. St. for car show

It's a pretty wide street. Perhaps close half of it & use the other half for traffic. Just a thought.

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Downtown approach

Sometimes it amuses me to see people try to one-up each other in these posts. Sometimes is now. Keep 'em coming boys, err fellas.

I'd like to see a good, clean fight. No sucker punches & keep it above the belt!

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Town Talk: Longtime downtown retailer The Bay Leaf to close; Curry in a Hurry making a comeback; city hires new eco devo coordinator

It's all ready been said but ... For those who don't know there is a website that lists downtown businesses, what they sell, their hours.


For those who own & want to "band" together there's Downtown Lawrence Inc.

Same website.

New members, fresh ideas are always welcome.

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2010 Retail Market Report out of Lawrence City Hall causes some concern

I know the UPS driver by name, but not because of Internet shopping.
He stops by my business several times a week.
Gotta get in where you fit in, I guess.
Lawrence is still a pretty special community in my mind, otherwise I
wouldn't be here.
How bout you?

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Parking violators take issue with $50 fine

fyi. white chocolate (933 mass) also sells shoes that are comfortable when walking, standing or working.

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My Favorite Season...and my Favorite Weekly Deals

I found a local deal.

"can of soup" food drive.

bring 3 non-perishables and get 20% OFF your ENTIRE purchase @ White Chocolate, skateboards & more, 933 Massachusetts.

no coupon necessary.

all donations benefit the PENN HOUSE in east Lawrence.

hurrry. food drive ends Nov 25th.

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Savings can add up at Kohl's

since we're on the topic of what's on sale where ... how about this ... at White Chocolate (933 mass) there is a food drive going on ... bring in 3 non-perishables and get 20% off your entire purchase! ...

clothes, shoes, skateboards. no exceptions!

that's a coupon that actually gives back to the community. all non perishables go to the Penn House (in east Lawrence). hurry. food drive ends NOV 25.

also, White Chocolate always does a recycling discount ... ten aluminum cans gets you 10% off any one item.

i imagine there are plenty of other local businesses that have equally great deals going on now.

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Man reports burglary of business

this did not happen at white chocolate. I know. I'm the owner. could be some other place on Mass. one with a mini bank atm, etc.

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Maurices clothing store leaves downtown Lawrence for South Iowa Street location

alm77, well put. i agree wholeheartedly.

I was just in three other downtowns in KS on Sunday: Hays, Abilene, Topeka. Just comparing things I guess. It's sorta my business, I own a business downtown in two KS towns (hys & lwrnc). None had anything going on compared to downtown Lawrence.

haters bring it on? i'm gone.

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