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City Hall targets property on Memorial Stadium grounds for transit center

yep. would of been a good addition to the parking garage being built near the pool & library. for walkability reasons you want the hub to drop people off in the middle of everything ... not a residential neighborhood, next to a stadium that will be used a few times per year. I recommend the book Walkable City by Jeff Speck. I can't really take credit for these ideas. I got them from reading this great book a few months back. it seems to make sense to me ... check it out.

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City agrees to create cultural district surrounding downtown

I believe u mean Kentucky street to the west.
Just noticed that.
Also, I suggest a book I'm currently reading be mandatory for all on this task force : Walkable City by Jeff Speck.
RSmith, WC

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3 injured in head-on accident in 900 block of Maine Street

Brakes. Not breaks.

No worries.

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Town Talk: Freebirds burritos confirms pending move to downtown; speculation while we await a ruling in the SLT case; hose duty on the Fourth of July

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Find all these locally owned shops between 6th&11th on mass.
Sorry if I forgot anyone. Just working out of memory. And a need to be updated google maps.

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City, public need time to evaluate northwest plans

A house is nothing more than a place to eat, sleep and potty.

Well spoken. Not.

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Town Talk: Latest plans for N.W. recreation center now include ice rink, 15,000-seat track and field stadium; Schumm expresses disappointment over 9th and N.H. decision; Douglas County Bank turns 60

I would like to see a first-class skateboard facility become part of the west Lawrence plans. One that would get people to drive here from KC, etc & not the other way around.

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Town Talk: Activity heating up on possible public-private rec center; Housing Authority exploring partnership on affordable housing development; city starts planning for March Madness

Any idea if Self's version of a larger presence for youth sports would possibly include a top-notch, concrete skatepark? The kind that makes people travel to KC now? Seems like when you're talking about several million to build such a facility, what's a couple hundred thousand for a destination skatepark to be included?

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Town Talk: Mattress Firm heading to South Iowa; downtown health club to open after Thanksgiving; city set to discuss northwest recreation center and fieldhouse

Good time to unveil plans for a rec center heavy on basketball courts I spose - couple weeks before basketball season starts up.

Seems to me like the only thing missing from that corner of town is a top flight skatepark. Hmmmmm.

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City moving ahead on new capital improvement list

Any details or idea what sort of "repairs" are planned for the skateboard park at Centennial?
Hopefully the city will seek input from those who use the park & also give notice of possible closure time frames so that those who use the park can plan accordingly.

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Despite the heat, Sidewalk Sale goes on

There will also be free water at White Chocolate, 933 Mass. Open 7a to 8p.

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