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Writer uses KU library to criticize Ron Paul

To all the haters: here's all you need to know about this issue:

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Writer uses KU library to criticize Ron Paul

What's "nutty" is supporting an unconstitutional and immoral invasion of another country based on false pretenses.. spending a TRILLION dollars in the process and taking thousands of our soldiers' lives.. and passing that debt onto our children and grand-children and thinking that's "okay".

For those of who support this pro-war invasion policy that we can't even afford: which countries would you recommend we should invade next? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Syria? North Korea? Pakistan? Somalia?

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Writer uses KU library to criticize Ron Paul

Please educate yourselves and watch this very intelligent man's videos:

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Writer uses KU library to criticize Ron Paul

Action speaks louder than words. Ron Paul has more black support than any other Republican. One reason is that black people are disproportionally harmed by the "war on drugs" which Ron Paul will end. He will pardon all non-violent drug offenders. Black people commit 14% of crimes involving drugs, yet make up 66% of those incarcerated in prison for those crimes! Which other candidate besides Ron Paul is even bringing this up as an issue and saying that the judicial system is racist??

Drug laws treat a medical problem as a criminal problem. He will end this discrimination. Any one who reads his platform knows that individual liberty is the opposite of racism. This was a deliberate attempt to smear one of the most honorable men in Washington.

They can't attack him on his record, so they take the low road and try to smear him. It wasn't a coincidence that the newsletter story was released on the day of the New Hampshire primary, in order to inflict maximum damage on Ron Paul and not allow him a chance to respond in time for the vote.

This is dirty politics. Same thing we've been seeing for years and years in Washington. It's exactly the reason people are joining Paul's campaign in the first place: to get rid of this garbage.

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State has little sway in race for president

The only one telling it like it is on the GOP side is Ron Paul.

The others are trying to outdo each other in the un-doing of this great country.

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Since January, Kansas University has been blocking information about flights taken by its plane based in Lawrence. The school says it's for security reasons. Should a public institution such as a state university block this information?

How are they any more of a target than the rest of us who are packed 300 to a plane?

Gives the impression they're more concerned about hiding publicly financed boondoggles.

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$2.9 million award in Fred Phelps suit

I am okay with the Phelps group expressing an opinion in any place other than near the funeral location. However at that close proximity, it becomes very emotionally destructive and inciteful to the family, who is already suffering tremendously.

As a society, we recognize that certain boundaries of "free speech" ought not be crossed, and this is rightfully one of them.

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Should the penalty for vandalism be more severe if it is done to a church?

the baby Jesus cries when churches are sprayed with graffiti

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Partner registry opens Wednesday

my bad.. 10th comment down.

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Partner registry opens Wednesday

been gone for a while.. has someone mentioned they want to marry their dog yet?

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